Monday, December 07, 2009


I ran as fast i could as soon as i realized. I usually kept a thread of my life attached to hers, so as to always know how she feels and that she's safe, but this time, i had been tired, and couldn't afford to have my essence spread so thin. But now, i ran, putting the entirety of my divine energy in my strides, in my leaps, as i ran over the city, back home to my beloved.

My desire arrived before i did, my soul manifesting itself as a soothing calm that enveloped her minutes before i arrived. It was as if my spirit had raced ahead to her and now my body was running to catch up. She laid in our bed, her brow damp with sweat. She was feverish, i didn't need to touch her to know this.

I perceived the entirety of the house with my essence as it diffused to encompass her surroundings. I could feel the taint of disease in the jagged shards of pottery on which she cut herself, and from it's positioning could tell that it had fallen from the kitchen table, smashing itself against the floor. Knowing her, she probably heard it break, and went to pick it up, when she accidentally cut herself.

My body was coming inside the door, and i rejoined it, concentrating all my power once again. I sprinted to her side, grabbing her hand in mine. She was unconscious, mumbling to herself as her body fought it's invaders. I caressed her cheeks, placing a soft kiss on her lips as i did so.

I then cupped my hands together, pooling the essence of my spirit in the space between them. It looked like a silvery liquid, shimmering as if thousands of stars twinkled in it's depths. It would take me years to recover myself from this, but they would be empty years if i lost her.

I placed my hands to her lips, letting a shard of my divinity pour down into her lips. I could feel myself weakening from the expenditure as i felt her strengthen. Her body's natural processes increased to preternatural heights, scouring the infection from her body. I could see her sweat congeal a dark fluid as her body ejected the sickness, and then purified it with it's newfound powers.

After only a few seconds, she opened her eyes, just in time to see me stagger and drop to my knees besides her. Her concern was obvious on her face, more for me than for herself, even though she had been on the brink of death.

I smiled at this, at her love as it radiated from her, litterally shining forth from her with her innate spirit, reinforced as it was now with mine. Showing me beyond any doubt that the choice i had made was the right one.

This was the woman i wanted to spend my life with for the rest of eternity.