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Toilet Kitty

From Test Album

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Transformers Trailer

Ladies and Gentlemen, start drooling!!! ^_^

I know I am.

Friday, December 22, 2006

DAVID Laserscanner

What is DAVID?

DAVID is a freeware software for laser range scanning. All you need is a PC, a camera (e.g. a webcam), a background corner, and a laser which projects a line onto the object you want to scan. So everyone can use it to scan objects without high costs; this is the big advantage over commercial solutions which are rather expensive.

DAVID has been developed by the computer scientists Dr. Simon Winkelbach and Sven Molkenstruck from the Institute for Robotics and Process Control, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. The concept has been published as a paper at the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM, Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mustererkennung) and can be downloaded here.

The object you want to scan has to be put into the corner of a room or in front of two planes with an exact angle of 90°. The camera of course has to be pointed towards the object. The special thing about our solution is that you freely hold the laser in your hand, "brushing" the laser line over the object. Meanwhile the computer automatically calculates 3D coordinates of the scanned object surface. See the screenshots to get an impression of the software.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Random Pics...

From Test Album

From Test Album

Line Rider - Urban Run

Confrontation, Finished

I finally finished "Confrontation", a story from my latest Exalted character, a Twilight Caste Solar Exalt named Naya. I think it's a nice one. My longest single work, too. Go check it out, if you're into over-the-top combat and Exalted in general, I guess. ^_^

Confrontation, on Lemien's DeviantART page

jerome murat

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Creating Firebending

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Creating Earthbending

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Creating Airbending

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Creating Waterbending



Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Red Ear Slider :: Welcome

Red Ear Slider :: Welcome

Taking care of my girlfriend's turtle, so looking for info.

Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover

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Pop Tarts!

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Firefox 3.0!!

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Confrontation, Part 1

Running through these undead is a simple affair, even without the powers i've activated. I swerve around, over, and amongst them, with the poor blokes only realizing my passing after the fact. I keep an eye on the real threat, a huge golem of a man whose's full plate armor towers over the battlefield. He holds a bow in his hand, and from what i can see, his arrows cut a wide swath of destruction, taking whole buildings down with a single one. I'm running my fastest to help my friends, swerving amongst these zombies so i can hide from that dark knight.

But then i see him slowly shift his aim a bit ahead of me, and i know i've been spotted. What his huge soulsteel weapon fires looks like a shard of darkness itself, a bolt of the purest obsidian that radiates a palpable entropy, seeking only to destroy. I watch it's approach, calculating if my current defenses are enough to protect me against this projectile. But when it's close enough for me to feel how my anima clashes against it's emanations, i know i can't risk it.

It only takes a momentary concentration to focus on my nascent energy, and to diffuse it throughout my being. As the bolt hits, in an eternal instant, my body's shadow separates into seven distinct images, and as they fade, so does my form. The projectile goes on through, vaporizing at least four ghouls and the three buildings behind, a raze at least 15 meters wide. My body reforms five meters away, still mid-stride, and completely in awe at the damage caused.

Mass Effect X06 Trailer

WoW Burning Crusade Opening Cinematics Premiere @ VGA 2006

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Yep, that's me all right...

From Test Album

Ice Sculptures

Testing Picasa Web Albums

Testing Picasa Web Albums. Feel free to visit this one. ^_^
Also, any others I set up can be seen from my web albums page here. The link can also be found at the links section on the sidebar.

Ash out.

Final Fantasy versus XIII Trailer

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Nonlethal Gun Makes You Wish You Were Shot with BFG - Gizmodo

Nonlethal Gun Makes You Wish You Were Shot with BFG - Gizmodo

"The ADS shoots a beam of high intensity millimeter waves, which in
plain English means if you get in the beam's way, it'll feel like
you're being dipped in lava. In fact, the pain is so intense, that the
longest any human test subject could withstand the beam was 5 seconds,
and a very small number of them walked away with redness and blisters
from the beam's intense heat."

Wiimote on Windows PCs!!

Carl.Kenner - GlovePIE

Now the wiimote can be used on Windows. Interesting concept...

Cooking For Engineers

Cooking For Engineers

Interesting site...

Halo 3 trailer

i maid cafe

i maid cafe

I so wanna go here....


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YouTube - World of Warcraft - Billy Maclure

Folding Diagrams for the Traditional Shuriken

Folding Diagrams for the Two-Piece Throwing Star (All 22 Steps)

So you can ready yourself for the intense combat tomorrow will bring... (You need some way to take down those pesky parrots, after all.)


YouTube - WiiMote

Sunday, December 03, 2006 Games! - Arcade Games! - Arcade

Nice little arcade with a few interesting games.

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VG Cats #216 - Aech

Performancing Test 3

I can drag-and-drop images though. Sweet!

4 color rebellion

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Hmm, i can blog marked text, but it eats all the end-lines.... lol


Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide

December 12006
Wii JPN Launch: Last Minute Info

Tomorrow, 400,000 Wiis hit The Land of the Rising Sun. Gizmodo Japan reports that compared to the PS3, there have been more Wii pre-orders. And thus, more people unable to get pre-orders. So it's a numbers game again, really.

For our Japan-based readers, here's the retailer run-down:

Bic Camera: Sales start first come, first served tomorrow morning at 7:00am. As previously mentioned, those with Suica cards can pre-reserve. Otherwise, head to the Ikebukuro headquarters (ahem, Jean Snow!) or Yurakucho.

Yodobashi Camera: Sales also first come, first served with stores opening at 7:00am at the Shinjuku, Akihabara and Umeda branches. I'll be at the Umeda branch. Wearing a Paul Smith scarf (Yeah, I know. My excuse: It was a present.)

Shibuya TSUTAYA: Pre-reserves only. Orders filled in two hours.

Sofmap (Den-Den Town): Likewise, pre-reserves. They apparently went quick.

Sakuraya: Tickets will be passed out from 7:30 am tomorrow morning with sales starting at 8:00 am.

Good luck all! Brian Ashcraft

Japan Retail Info For Wii GET [Gizmodo Japan]

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UPDATE: Guess it doesn't. Sweet!!!

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Ashtear's Corner of Reality

Testing my ability to blog pages on the new Blogger Beta with Performancing.

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[PS2 ToD] Tales of Destiny - Kongman1 No damage Battle

[PS2 ToD] Tales of Destiny - Leon BLAST CALIBER LV2 -魔神煉獄殺-

[PS2 ToD] Tales of Destiny - Normal Battle

Wario Ware Smooth Moves Gameplay

Billy Jean