Monday, December 11, 2006

Confrontation, Part 1

Running through these undead is a simple affair, even without the powers i've activated. I swerve around, over, and amongst them, with the poor blokes only realizing my passing after the fact. I keep an eye on the real threat, a huge golem of a man whose's full plate armor towers over the battlefield. He holds a bow in his hand, and from what i can see, his arrows cut a wide swath of destruction, taking whole buildings down with a single one. I'm running my fastest to help my friends, swerving amongst these zombies so i can hide from that dark knight.

But then i see him slowly shift his aim a bit ahead of me, and i know i've been spotted. What his huge soulsteel weapon fires looks like a shard of darkness itself, a bolt of the purest obsidian that radiates a palpable entropy, seeking only to destroy. I watch it's approach, calculating if my current defenses are enough to protect me against this projectile. But when it's close enough for me to feel how my anima clashes against it's emanations, i know i can't risk it.

It only takes a momentary concentration to focus on my nascent energy, and to diffuse it throughout my being. As the bolt hits, in an eternal instant, my body's shadow separates into seven distinct images, and as they fade, so does my form. The projectile goes on through, vaporizing at least four ghouls and the three buildings behind, a raze at least 15 meters wide. My body reforms five meters away, still mid-stride, and completely in awe at the damage caused.

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