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Performancing Test 2


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December 12006
Wii JPN Launch: Last Minute Info

Tomorrow, 400,000 Wiis hit The Land of the Rising Sun. Gizmodo Japan reports that compared to the PS3, there have been more Wii pre-orders. And thus, more people unable to get pre-orders. So it's a numbers game again, really.

For our Japan-based readers, here's the retailer run-down:

Bic Camera: Sales start first come, first served tomorrow morning at 7:00am. As previously mentioned, those with Suica cards can pre-reserve. Otherwise, head to the Ikebukuro headquarters (ahem, Jean Snow!) or Yurakucho.

Yodobashi Camera: Sales also first come, first served with stores opening at 7:00am at the Shinjuku, Akihabara and Umeda branches. I'll be at the Umeda branch. Wearing a Paul Smith scarf (Yeah, I know. My excuse: It was a present.)

Shibuya TSUTAYA: Pre-reserves only. Orders filled in two hours.

Sofmap (Den-Den Town): Likewise, pre-reserves. They apparently went quick.

Sakuraya: Tickets will be passed out from 7:30 am tomorrow morning with sales starting at 8:00 am.

Good luck all! Brian Ashcraft

Japan Retail Info For Wii GET [Gizmodo Japan]

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