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Thursday, April 28, 2005

yeah, yeah.

Ok, so I went ballistic with the collapsing deal... so sue me. I finally get something right with Javascript and the DOM and I can't show it off?!?!?


I also know that there's an extra horizontal rule on the sideboard... it's just that Blogger puts that one, and I can't take it out. I'l deal with it in due time.

Also, I'm playing with cookies to see if I can make the page remember the state of the collapsible headers, so if you left somethign expanded, it'll be expanded when you get back. Working on that one...

Ash out.


Hello guys. I've done some changes around here.

First of all, You'll notice that the Archive and Links section on the sidebar are now collapsed. Click on the titles and they will expand accordingly. Did that to save space for those who don't care to see those sections. If any other parts of the Blog should be made collapsible, just leave me a message or e-mail me, and I'll consider it.

Second, and most important, I've set up a TagBoard, also in a collapsible link, for those who don't care for it. What's a TagBoard? Well, it's like a message board for the site, that anyone can use. Just drop in your name, any addy you want your name to link to, and the message, and Tag It. You can also use some smileys as well. THAT's where you'll leave me a message for whatever, if you're too lazy to fire up your e-mail editor of choice. ^_^

Ash out.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Me Muero Por Conocerte - Alex Ubago

"Me muero por suplicarte
Que no te vayas mi vida
Me muero por escucharte
Decir las cosas que nunca digas
Mas me cayo y te marchas
Mantengo la esperanza
De ser capaz algun día
De no esconder las heridas
Que me duelen al pensar
Que te voy queriendo
Cada día un poco más
Cuanto tiempo vamos a esperar

Me muero por abrazarte
Y que me abrazes tan fuerte
Me muero por divertirte
Y que me abrazes cuando despiertes
Acomodado en tu pecho
Hasta que el sol aparezca
Me voy perdiendo en tu aroma
Me voy perdiendo en tus labios
Que se acercan susurrando
Palabras que llegan a este pobre corazon
Voy sintiendo el fuego en mi interior

Me muero por conocerte
Saber que es lo que piensas
Abrir todas tus puertas
Y vencer esas tormentas
Que nos quieran abatir
Entrar en tus ojos mi mirada
Cantar contigo al alba
Besarnos hasta desgastarnos nuestros labios
Y ver en tu rostro cada día
Crecer esa semilla
Crear, Soñar, dejar todo surgir
Apartando el miedo a sufrir

Me muero por explicarte
Lo que pasa por mi mente
Me muero por entregarte
Y seguir siendo capaz de sorprenderte
Sentir cada día ese flechazo al verte
Que mas dara lo que digan
Que mas dara lo que piensen
Si estoy loca es cosa mia
Y ahora vuelvo a mirar
El mundo a mi favor
Vuelvo a ver brillar la luz del sol

Coro:( X 2)
Me muero por conocerte
Saber que es lo que piensas
Abrir todas tus puertas
Y vencer esas tormentas
Que nos quieran abatir
Entrar en tus ojos mi mirada
Cantar contigo al alba
Besarnos hasta desgastarnos nuestros labios
Y ver en tu rostro cada día

Crecer esa semilla
Crear, Soñar, dejar todo surgir
Apartando el miedo a sufrir"


"True research is like fumbling in the dark for the right switches. Once you've turned the light on everyone can see...' -- unknown"

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

J-Fan - Anime:Music

J-Fan - Anime:Music

BIGmog's BIGblog

BIGmog's BIGblog

<> The Video Gamer's Amp

<> The Video Gamer's Amp

HTML 4.01 Specification

HTML 4.01 Specification

JavaScript - Table of Contents

JavaScript - Table of Contents

Very useful


We'd agreed to meeting that night, out in the courtyard, so we could sleep together under the cover of night. But when I woke up, it was raining. I had almost lost hope, when I saw her outside, through my window, all soaking wet. The clothes stuck to her form, showing the silhouette that had made me look at her in the first place. Thin, yet shapely, considering our age. She was there, throwing rocks at my window.

When she saw me she beamed a smile at me, and hid in the bushes. Guess we're going along with the plan after all. I picked up a pillow and a blanket, and peeked out the corridor. The coast seemed clear, so out I went, running yet being careful. No sense in wanting to catch up to her, only to be caught and deprived of that pleasure.

At one point I was almost caught, but I quickly dived into a pile of dirty clothes, holding my pillow and blanket over me. It worked, but I wish I had thought of holding my breath. Those clothes were smelly!

In any case, I quietly opened the courtyard door, and there she was, standing, with her arms up, like she was the one causing the rain, calling it to her. I stepped outside, and joined her in an embrace. She was cold, because of the water, but I could still feel the warmth that was there for me.

We'd run and jump all over the rain. I got soaked as well, my nightgown clinging to me, almost a pale imitation of Anais, since I could never match her beauty. She still liked me though, saying that I was her Ari, and that we'd be together. Maybe not married, since people of the same sex didn't marry, but together nontheless.

That was when we hugged each other again, but something strange happened then, something I would later know was our Exaltation. We concentrated in each other, on the rain and the wind and the thunder, and, when the servants of the school came outside to check what was that giggling they heard outside, they caught quite a sight. We were floating some three feet off the ground, suspended in a whirlwind of mist, slowly spinning. Water currents seemed to run all around us on the ground, and the wind, spinning around us, lifted the water currents, making them look like streamers in the air. Our hair enveloped us, and where our hair ended, our elements began, Anais's blue-green hair extended by fine lines of water, my light blue hair whirling around us by wind. Our foreheads were glowing fiercely, almost as strong as that which was in our hearts.

In that moment, everything was perfect, we weren't cold anymore, and we felt our wish to be together bolstered by the Elemental Dragons themselves.

That's when we both lost conciousness.


It was so perfect.


She was so beautiful.


And that's when I wake up.

I open my eyes and get up suddenly, waking from my dream, and seeing the chaos I'm causing in the wagon. Wind is whipping all over the wagon, throwing things all over the place. Finian is trying to keep down those things that are too precious or too delicate to have flying around, all the while glaring at me.

I concentrate, and put the wind under control. It slowly dies, and I try to put things back in their places with the last of it's strength. Seeing his chance, Finian begins to pick up the most important things, while calling a servant to pick up the biggest messes, including some spilled food and drink and a puddle of water nearby, streaming from the bed.

Anais... I hadn't thought about her in years. I had carefully buried her in my mind, ever since she vanished so many years ago.

I wonder if this means anything...

Toshiba Demonstrates Cell Simultaneously Decoding 48 MPEG-2 Streams -- Tech-On!

Toshiba Demonstrates Cell Simultaneously Decoding 48 MPEG-2 Streams -- Tech-On!

Felices Dias, Tio Sergio

Just finished this novel. Very good, sad ending, but exposes many truths. Dunno. I won't even try to give a review, since I suck at analysing novels, but it's good. Read it.

Breath of Fire 2

Breath of Fire 2

This is an interesting upgrade.. personally, I don't need an excuse to play BOF2, being one of my favorite RPGs of all time, but if these guys pull this off completely, hell, I think every other aspect in my life will suffer for it.. ^_^

( Ashtear's Profile

( Ashtear's Profile

So I'm bored... ^_^

Black Belt VS Black Mage

Black Belt VS Black Mage

Of 8-bit Theater Fame!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Tiempo (Time)

Entonces, por primera vez en mi vida, me di cuenta de que la historia seguia, no era solo lo que habia pasado, y en unos años, esto seria historia, y en unos años mas, yo estaria aqui muerta y mis hijos vendrian a ponerme flores. En un instante entendi el terror del tiempo, y desde entonces pude medir hora por hora, minuto por minuto todo lo que iba viviendo, sabiendo que todo era medible por el tiempo solamente.

(And then, for the first time in my life, I realized that history went on, not only that it had passed, and that in a few years, this would be history, and in a few more, I would lie here dead and my children would come to bring me flowers. In an instant I understood the terror of time, and since then I have been able to measure hour by hour, minute by minute everything that I was living, knowing that everything was measurable by time and time alone.)


This is a fragment from a spanish novel, "Felices Dias Tio Sergio" (Happy Days, Uncle Sergio) that I have to read for college. I dunno, that fragment struck me as deep.

The Castle of Otranto

The Castle of Otranto

Interesting Gothic Novel

National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo

I'll try to keep this in mind for this year... ^_^

Blogger Help : How can I make show/hide links for my posts?

Blogger Help : How can I make show/hide links for my posts?

Putting this here so I can keep it in mind...

The Exalted Wiki

The Exalted Wiki

A New Found Glory - Truth of my Youth

There was a time and place,
Where I never thought,
I'd leave my own hometown,
But those days finally,
Are dead and gone,
It was never my intention to stay there,
Oh no,

There was a concious effort played by me,
To disown anything I see,
There was a girl I knew,
Way back when,
Who says she doesnt know me anymore,
These are the lies the things you never mention,
These are my past mistakes I'll stay away from,

These are my thoughts written down on paper,
It's my only savior,
From not saying what I want to say,
These are the thoughts that are on my mind,
Moments that haven't yet been defined,
And I dont know if you could ever understand,
These are the things I cant say when were alone.

There were countless hours on the telephone,
My ears were ringing from the dial tone,
There were flashing lights,
People staring,
There was nothing I could ever do,
These are the lies the things you never mention,
These are my past mistakes I'll stay away from,

This is the truth,
The only time you'll hear it,
I write it down because it seems so hard to say it,

These are my thought written down on paper,
It's my only savior,
From not saying what i want to say,
These are the thought that are on my mind,
Moments that havent yet been defined,
And i dont know if you could ever understand,
These are the things i cant say when were alone.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Kitten Cannon - Presented by Addicting Games

Kitten Cannon - Presented by Addicting Games

This is fun!

CCL - PC Hardware and Software Online Store

CCL - PC Hardware and Software Online Store

ALMOST like the old DOS game, "The Incredible Machine"

Arilith's Resolve

Great. So an academy acolyte wants his stuff to hitch a ride at the last second? Well, Finian seems to have no problem as long as we take the necessary precautions, so that's fine with me.

Now I get back to the wagon, and he's carrying the boxes over to the wagon, like he can. "Hey", I say, "I'll check those before we put them in the wagon, just in case."

His stern reply is "No, you can't open the crates."

"What?" ...the hell?

"I'm sorry, but these crates cannot be opened. Their contents are not for you to know." He speaks like he's not used to be questioned. Who does he think he is?

"Well, I'm sorry, but if I don't check them, they don't get in, and you already heard from the caravan master that there's no more space. So it's your call really."

Finian shows up with that Archer guy. Guess I yelled that "What" a bit too loud. Anyways, I reinforce. "If I don't check them, they don't get in."

He begins to walk towards the wagon door, with the boxes in tow. I interpose myself between him and the door and say "What's the matter with you?" The movement pulls the hood high, exposing my face.

He pauses for a second, then says, stunned, "So that's where you've been, Leedal..."

I don't let him finish. I quickly grab him by the throat, silencing him. I can see from the corner of my eye that Finian tensed, and Archer already has his bow out, tensed at him. But what comes next happens too fast.

He snaps away my hand with his forearm, and uses the other hand to try and punch my face. I pull my face to the side just enough to dodge his strike, and in the movement, his hood pulls back, and I see his face. Peleps Aris.


I sit under a tree, playing a song to the wind spirits around me. Some of them are playing music back to me, using the blowing on the leaves of the tree as instruments. All of that is suddenly torn asunder.

Aris shows up.

2 unexalted kids flank him, textbook definition of what a "flunkie" should look like. They come over, all 3 of them, like they own the place. Aris exalted about a week ago, and he's been nothing but trouble since. Acting like he owns the place. Or will.

"Well, hi Arilith. You're looking fine today." I scoff at that. I know where he's coming from. Ever since I exalted my parents have been trying to match me up with Dragon-Bloods from other prominent families in the hope of using the promise of my strong affinity to lure other households into profitable marriages. I refuse to take part in that, much less with such a snob as Aris.

"Why don't you stop playing with that flute and come with me? Father says I can use all the money I want if you come with me."

So much for seduction attempts.

I stand up, and walk past him to leave. His cronies stand in front of me, which elicits the reflex action of unleashing my anima. They cower in fear, as usual. But Aris is not so easily dissuaded.

"Come on, Ari, why be so rash?" Now, I don't have a problem with that sentence, or even with the nickname he set on me. I have a problem with his hand on my arm. His hand, taking my arm, like he deserves it for no other reason than that he is Aris. I will not take that. I will not allow that.

I lash out, before he can expect it. I move to strike his hand, and he promptly removes his, looking all smug for figuring out what I was going to do.


In the return strike, he notices his folly. When I pull back the arm, he sees the flute in my hands, pointy end first. He takes it in his arm. He yelps in pain, and I use the distraction to leave and go to a teacher. He whines for it, saying I attacked him without provocation. My flute sticking from his arm is very persuasive of his point of view.

I'm obviously punished for this back at home, while my family gives a donation to the school to overlook the "accident". Then a few weeks later he'd try another way to approach me, but always with that smug look on his face. That smug look that said that he'd get anything he wanted, eventually.


That same smug look he has on his face now.

I can see in his face that he intends to take all those "accidents" off on me right there, but Archer was faster, putting an arrow right through the palm of his hand.

At this he yelps and pulls back, suddenly calling upon the power of the Fire Dragon to whisk him away, allowing him to run incredibly fast. I hear Finian and Archer say something, but I already started off after him, calling to the Air Dragon to lend me the speed of wind. I see both Archer and Finian try to shoot him down, but no such luck.

I catch up to him in the middle of the city, but even still, I cannot pull any punches in this fight. If he gets away, he'll be telling the rest of the Dragon-Bloods where I am. I REFUSE to go back to that island. So I fight with all I have.

We break a few buildings with each other in the fight, and that's when that cook shows up, interposing herself between Aris and me. He lashes out at her, kicking her chest. As always, he lashes at anything that gets in his way. I kick him, using her for support, and then slam him with all the power of the Air Dragon, slamming him back all the way to the tavern wall. But before he can reach it, he gets a special present from Archer, an arrow charged with essence, exploding in his shoulder. Right where my flute had been, all those years ago.

He goes through the wall like it wasn't even there.

I walk up to the hole, climb through, and see him in the floor, his anima charring the floor and tables nearby. My anima tears through his, the wind around me snuffing the fires closest to me, while fanning the ones a bit further. He looks at me, lifting his hand to me. Anger in his eyes, angry that he can't grab what he wants. I let him burn in that anger, and then I end it.

I stick my flute in his chest.

His eyes bulge, but it later recedes. He dies. Finian and the other woman show up, but I don't care, I already know what I'm going to do. I grab him by his breastplate and begin to drag him outside, when the woman, the cook, interposes herself. She seems to be angry about the collateral damage and harm to civilians, but I'm too immersed in my emotions to really register her. Finian gets her attention, and that's all I need to pass by her. I'm thankful for that, otherwise I fear I might have lashed at her as well.


We get back to the caravan, where I begin to search him. Finian slashes his throat, says something about making sure, but I barely hear him. I just nod while his blood splashes my face. I know he's dead. If he wants to double-check, be my guest.

As expected, I find a note on him, orders from the Inmaculate Monks. Looking for me, and planting evidence on the wagon to later bust Finian for. Whatever. I'll think about later. After I'm done.


After a few hours of travel in the caravan, I get off with Aris' body, and go over next to the river. I drop him beside me, and gathering all my energies, I shock him, sending bolt after bolt of intense lightning arcing from my fingers into his dead flesh, charring him from the inside out. Each one of them accompanied with thunder, scaring the horses, and setting some of the mercenaries on alert.

I ignore them, I don't care. All I can think of is Aris' face burning off. His robes catch fire as well, and in my mind, I can see that fire burning away my memories of him clean, a part of my past I have destroyed, and that can torment me no more. A reminder of Dragon-Blood society scoured from my mind, and setting the example to all the other memories in me, making me see them all, and showing me all over again the ruthlessness and uncaring greed of all others of my "kin",

And maybe in this I have become like them, but if that is the case, I can live with that. At least I have a purpose.

I sever his head with my chakram, and crush it with my boot. He oozes all over the place, and maybe I went too far. That's the only sign that my anger is receding, some compassion and restraint finally coming through that red wall of anger that Aris' face brought to me.

I dump his charred remains in the river.

I begin to walk back, when that blasted cook comes back, starts yelling at me over my agression and my sacrilege at the way I treated Aris' body. I listen to her, and she makes sense. That means I'm back to my senses. Good. I continue to walk to my wagon, when I hear the splashing of water behind me. She's going back for the body. Something about not leaving a hungry ghost behind. She's gonna perform a service for the body.

And here I thought I'd get the pleasure of killing him again.

Image Gallery

I started an image gallery to upload some pics I take, or images I find good enough to show others. For now I'll post some pics I have here of random stuff, I'll post pics I've taken when I get home to my pics. ^_^

*scurries off to his cheese and chips*

Hey, found a cure for stress!!

Cure for stress

Check that out, made me feel better real fast.

This is more or less how I feel right now...

This is more or less how I feel right now...

Now why is this?

Well, I dunno. I just feel like boxed in, cornered. Maybe some introspection will give me the information I seek....


Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm WEAK!!!!!!!

I'm sorry!! I give up!!! I'm weak!!!!

It's just that all this doing the next part after Intruder, Introductions, and there's no combat in it, so, so, I had to write a combat piece!! It's in my blood!!! so I wrote this Arilith piece to sate my urges...

Feel better now. *whew*

Anyways, I also did a little piece so people who don't follow "Exalted" can understand Arilith's problem.


*dashes out the window*

A fragment of Arilith's travel to Nexus.

Calmly walking south, the scenery was as peaceful as could be. A great plain stretches as far as the eye can see, wild animals following their instincts, hunting, and living. Me, well, I'm Arilith, a self-exiled Dragon-Blood. I just left the northern lands, and am on my way to the eastern city of Nexus.

While calmly walking on south, I notice a group of lions that seems to be paying too much attention to me. I really don't want trouble with 3 lions, so I just calmly go on my way, ignoring them. But suddenly, they break into a run for me. All of them are in front, and there's nowhere to hide, or nothing to climb. Clear land all around... great.

Taking count of my options... First, I instruct my pet hawk to fly off. This is not something he can do anything at. Second, I have my trusty chakram, and my body, itself a weapon. I have my bracelets, which allow me to further control the air around me, and that's about it. Great. Things aren't looking too good.

First thing I do is activate my full anima. Maybe the sheer fury of my power will scare them off.

Obviously no such luck. They press on, like nothing happened. There's something odd here, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

They're in range, time to rumble. The first lion lunges at me, which a quick sidestep deals with. The second angles to my new position, but does not expect me to move so fast, and I sidestep again. The third one now lunges, and I sidestep a third time, this time sinking my elbow sharply on his head, bringing him down against the earth.

A quick backflip puts some distance between us, and gives me a chance to regain my bearings. I keep feeling something strange going on. Their eyes and movements are strangely coordinated, like someone was guiding them. But where?

No time to look, here they come again. This time one of them engages me up close, lunging with his claws. I deflect his slashes with my hands, pushing his claw sideways before it hits it's mark. Then I hear the quick shuffle.

Bastards! They circled me from behind! I barely leap up, using my innate affinity with the wind to bear me high, but still get a nasty rake across my back for it.

Fuck this.

A quick backspin straightens me in the air, and I pull out my chakram. Focusing on it, I lash out with it, 4 phantom discs coming down in quick succession. They all land, solid impacts on the ground I stood on seconds before, and, while 2 lions pull back just in time, the third loses his head. I land with the impact of a leaf, a soft landing that belies my weight or speed.

The other two seem wary now, and that gives me the time I need. I shift my perceptions to that which is normally unseen, to the world of spirits. There has to be someone or something guiding these animals...

There! Floating above their respective charges, 3 nature-spirits, seemingly controlling the lions. The one that corresponds to the dead lion is leaving, it's fun finished.

I'm not finished with him.

Normally material beings strike through inmaterial spirits, flesh incompatible with ephemera. But by further attuning myself to the spirit world, my flesh is now of both realms. They can attack me now, but so can I them.

I quickly leap foward, before either of the other two can realize, or mobilize their pets. I strike through the spirit that was retreating. My fist through it, it takes him a second to realize that he should be gone, and he desintegrates.

One down.

The other two are scared now. They know I can deal with them now, and move to hide behind the lions. No time to waste. Focusing on the air around me, I wrap myself in it, and to their vision, I fade from view.

Their puzzled faces only last a second, for he suddenly feels the biting slice of my chackram on his body, and complies with my request. The lion he controls goes limp, and falls unconcious. He dies.

Two down.

The last one, now terrified, tries to flee. He sends his lion in a mad charge against me, and runs. I fail to control my mounting fury, and when the lion leaps to tackle me, I dodge to the side, and in a flurry of movement, slice at the lion as I pass from side to side of him. What lands on the ground are more like chunks of meat than the original lion, but hey, what can I say. I was probably fire-aspected in a previous life.

Ah, yes. The fleeing nature-spirit. I concentrate, and solidify the air itself, into shards of ice and concentrated wind. These I send forth, while I declare my judgement. "You have surpassed your station, as much in taking control of beasts not your own as in attacking a Dragon-Blood. All I can offer you for this, is dissolution."

The shards of ice dig into his form, and the wind blades slice his body like a rag doll. He would drop right there, if not for the fact that spirits are weightless. He dissolves into thin air over the next few seconds.

Three down.

The fight over, this gives me time to think. Are things this bad in the Threshold?
Have the other Dragon-Bloods been ignoring their duties so? Even if they are, this is too much against the natural order of things.

My resolve bolstered, and my path certain, I continue to Nexus, where I hope some measure of answers can be gleaned from the chaos that Creation now stands in.

A Sad Day on the White Wolf Forums

A Sad Day on the White Wolf Forums

I posted my story on the Official Exalted Forums at . I dunno the wisdom of that, but I really want criticism for the story, so... POST OVER THERE!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Arilith's Situation

Ok, since not everyone who reads my site follows the game "Exalted", I'll clear up a few points so you can better understand the short story I wrote, "A Sad Day", as well as any other stories where Arilith shows up.

In the current state of Creation, the Dragon-Blooded rule over anything they can reach. Or at least presume to rule. They are, after all, the Princes of the Earth. So says the accepted religion. So accepted, in fact, that the mortals believe this as well. A person with a caste mark signifying his heritage is to be treated with all due respect.

In any case, Arilith, the main character in the story "A Sad Day", is something of an anomaly, for 2 different reasons. First of all, her element, air, runs strongly through her veins. Considering that the powers of the Dragon-Blooded run in a hereditary fashion, from father to son, she is very prized, from the point of view of the children she may beget.

But she is further different for another reason. In an excursion to the lands of the Threshold, where the Realm (The Dragon-Blooded empire) has little to no power, she hears the villagers talk of the Dragon-Bloods as despots and tyrants, demanding tribute, yet leaving them defenseless.

This gets her to think of their so-called right to rule, and if the Realm is going too far. To get more information of this, she flees the Realm, and hides in Nexus, one of the greatest cities in the Threshold. Now, given her satus as a Dragon-Blood of high breeding, for the strength of her elemental aspect, she's being pursued.

In Nexus, she finds a job as the bodyguard of a local merchant prince. This merchant has to travel north to Sijan, so she tags along. In the way, a group of Dragon-Bloods begin to harass the caravan, searching for her. Scared of returning to the Realm, and now further convinced of the wrongness of her own people because of the behaviour of these Dragon-Bloods, she hides.

During the search, a group of barbarians decides to raid the merchant caravan she's on. Because she's hidden, she can't help. Many of the mercenaries that were defending the caravan die, for what she believes in a way to be her fault. This is where her sadness comes from.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Chosen of Deneir

Chosen of Deneir

The only way I'd play a priest in D20.



Quite a few pics for all your MSN Messenger needs

A Sad Day

"Officer, how did it go?"

The lead officer of the mercenary group looks at her with sadness on his face. His expression does not give much hope.

"We have been sorely diminished by that raid, mistress. We lost about forty percent of our men, not to mention the damages to 2 of the wagons, and a few merchants who died in the fight as well."

I can see he is pained by the memories of the fight, so I let him go. "Very well, officer. I will be helping with the burials. Carry on."

A puzzled look overcomes his face. "Are you sure, mistress? I mean, we have more than enough soldiers for the digging."

I look at him in the eye, sternly. "Just because I have a wax seal on my forehead and can do pretty light shows with my hands does not mean that I am less human than you all are, or less affected by the events that transpired."

Embarrased, he stammers "Yes my lady. Sorry, my lady", quickly bows and leaves. A quick survey of the battlefield confirms his report: there are 2 wagons smoldering from fire arrows, a few bodies in noble clothes, in addition to the twenty-something bodies that litter the landscape, all able warriors who died defending their charges. Any who says that mercenaries are driven by money and have no honor should just take a glimpse of this scenery. Maybe then they'd understand.

As I go over to help with the digging, I can't help but think of their individual lives, their families, the very reason they joined this life. I know I joined to hide from my family. The money is good, the life exciting, and since we move a lot, I don't stay in one place too long for my family to find me. But other than my quite-extreme circumstances, why would any mortal choose such a life? Is general life so bad that the money offered by a mercenary band is so good in comparison?

By the time the digging is done, a profound sadness occupies my heart. I feel guilty for this massacre, since I didn't go out to help them. No, I was selfish enough to think of myself first. A group of Dragon-bloods was outside, searching for me, with their oh-so-glorious caste marks in their foreheads and their animas in full glory. To go out would mean to be captured, to go back to that blasted isle and it's twisted inhabitants, pale mockeries of what they destroyed so many years ago.

So it is not with hipocrisy or for courtesy that once all the bodies are buried, and everyone is turning to leave, that I get my flute, stand near the center of the makeshift graves, and begin to play.

I play my heart, my thoughts; emotions given fleeting form in sounds that touch others, transmitting echoes of the sadness that wells up within me. I play for them, so that their passing may be in peace. I play for their families, that they may know that someone honors them in their last moment. I play my tears, now streaking my face, for they will never again see the sun set as it now does over this land. Alas, the sun set over their lives, and they shall not awaken from this sleep.

While I play, I pour my all into the song, into the melodies that flow from my instrument. My body relaxes, giving everything to the minute lip and finger movements that shape this requiem. The wind around me begins to buffet my short hair, lifting the dirt and dust off the ground, so that it not taint their resting places. Soon after the emotion is so much, that my anima flares, and amidst the lightning arching from my fingers and the flute, the silhouette of an air dragon can be faintly seen, coiling around my form. It just stands there, bearing silent witness to my sorrow, to the sadness I release into my song.

Today has truly been a sad day, in the lives of many, and in mine.


She who runs into glass doors

Nice drawing style, draws characters from various RPGs... Nice!

Complications in role-playing

Hmm... Interesting how humans have gone ahead and evolved language, something that most people agree is what separates us from animals, yet, it's pretty much reached a dead end in it's ability to effectively communicate complex ideas or in it's error margin.

There was a... disagreement of sorts between the storyteller and one of my fellow players over what was important to each in the story, causing said player to leave the story. Now, if there's only 3 players, and one of them leaves, leaving 2, of which 1 probably won't play either, that leaves me. I'm not staying alone, so I leave too.

Now, what seems that will happen, since at least *I* need my RP fix is that I'll storytell.

Yay. Watch me jump in excitement.

*stands still*


Now I have to come up with a decent story for them to play!!!! Damnit. Considering I've been playing Jade Empire quite a bit lately (KICKS ASS, BTW), I think I'll adapt Jade Empire's story to an Exalted chronicle. After all, they both deal with the Celestial Bureaucracy, so that helps a bit.

I'll think of something.

Ash out.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


As many gay jokes as I'm gonna get from my more immature friends, I've always liked to play the flute. I think I'll try and take a more serious look at it...

Some resources:'s "flute" entry's "Western concert flute" entrya
Flute Acoustics

The Videogame Pianist

The Videogame Pianist

This guy is just too good. Check out the videos section.




Status Update 04/17/05

On other news, I submitted my story to White Wolf for their contest, so we'll see what happens with that. It's about a Morbus member of the Ordo Dracul who wishes to overcome what he percieves are his faults, which come to be at first his vampiric condition, then the flaw of the Morbus bloodline. In the process he hears of legends of the fabled state of Golconda, and in searching for this he runs into other things he shouldn't have seen, including the vampire who sired him, which he holds a grudge on because of the... "circumstances" of his embrace.

Anyways, I hope I get picked at least for the second round, since I'd like to have an excuse to elaborate on that story.

Also, I've been playing Exalted pretty regularly now, at least once a week, so I've been getting my fix. That's why I haven't finished the next of my stories... I really have to finish it...

I also bought Jade Empire for the XBox. A very good game, I must say. Much better than KOTOR II, and that was my previous recent favorite. The fact that it's real time action instead of turn-based is a great twist, and the martial arts are very cool. The story seems to be well-developed so far, so all-in-all it's good.

Nothing new on the PSP front. Only have Twisted Metal and Untold Legends, Eagerly expecting Tales of Eternia. I already beat it, mind you, but it's such a good game, plus playing it on the go, makes it a very interesting prospect.

Ash out.

Nice surprise

Hmm... This was nice.

On the way to leave a friend in his house, I saw an old friend again. Well, not exactly an old friend, since I've only known her for a few months, but in that time, I've only seen her on friendly terms like, twice, so it feels like a long time since I last saw her...

Anyways, nice to know she's alive and well, and still remembering me! ^_^

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tuesday, April 12, 2005



My good friend Madreric's blog. ^_^

Zenix Pc Solutions

Zenix Pc Solutions

A friend's computer company. Those of us here in Puerto Rico, check it out!

Anarchy Online -

Anarchy Online -

Wow, didn't know the game was free now.....

Sunday, April 10, 2005 - Motherload - Motherload

Nice little game...


Ok. I've finally started to play something again. I'm playing a new Exalted story, so I feel very good right now. My character, Leedal Arilith, is an Air-Aspected Dragon-Blooded. I'm pretty happy with her, so we'll see how she plays out.

Also, to show as a sort of continuing story, as well as to try writing in one long story instead of small segments, I'm gonna try to convert the game to Arilith's point of view as a story, of which the preceding post is the first part. But now, instead of writing multiple parts, I'm gonna try to just keep writing in the same post, as to see how long can I make it go.

We'll see how that little experiment comes along, eh?

Ash out.


After a long day in an unknown city, Arilith decides it's time to find a place to sleep. Seeing as how she doesn't have anything to pay for proper room and board, she decides to find something of a more "unconventional" place to sleep.

Walking along at near midnight, the Nexus populace is pretty snug in their beds. So it's relatively easy to sneak around unobserved.

Content that she is not being watched, Arilith bids her snow hawk, Keyria, to lookout from above, to make sure everything's tranquil and peaceful, as nighttime should be. As soon as Keyria is off, Arilith calls to the Essence within her, to ease her passage through her element, air. Concentrating for a second, she leaps from walls and corners, feeling almost weightless.

She lands on the roof of a 5-story building, brushing the dust from her already-sodden traveler's cloak. "I could really use some clothes."

She surveys the landscape around her, just some smokestacks and the infinite starscape, when she notices someone, riding a horse, observing her from ground level.

"Damn!" She mutters under her breath as she steps back from the corner, and rapidly hiding behind a smokestack. "He seemed too tranquil with seeing someone make 25-feet jumps, so something's definitely off with him..."

Exalted Script Translator

Exalted Script Translator'

This is very nice....

Thursday, April 07, 2005

:o :o Sokora Refugees o: o:

:o :o Sokora Refugees o: o:

Status Update

Hello guys. Ash here reporting from work.... ugh.

I fixed up the links section on the sidebar... now things are a bit better organized. Also, I added 3 new webcomics to my regular repertoire of visits.

8-bit theater is about a new look on Final Fantasy I.
The Order of the Stick is D&D metathinking at it's best.
Diesel Sweeties is about robots and romance, and other details.

All of them are hilarious as... well... just real funny.

Ash out.

Land Walker

Land Walker

Wow, is all I'm gonna say...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Heya. Here at work, very damn bored. Just took a break from my doings here to write down what I was thinking about while I was working... Yeah, I think my friends here are right. One of these days I get frustrated with my job and pull either an Uzi or a sword and kill everyone here.

Hmm, not a bad idea for a story.

Anyways, since I barely have any time to write on my currently ongoing storylines, well, I'll try and write whatever I my mind cooks up on it's own, like the previous post. Not Kayrin, but still my style, if anyone here likes that...

Ash out.

What work makes me daydream about...

Driving along nighttime Carolina, on my way to a friend's house, just looking around at the cars, the "cacos" with their loud music, and the prostitutes in the corners, awaiting the cold cash that will get them their fix.

Red light, so I stop at the intersection. Out of nowhere, a bang on my window, shattering it inward. The glass shards scratch at my face, some of them I can feel embedded in my skin. Suddenly, a jerk by the scruff of the neck, and an insistent tug to pull me out. I stretch my hand to the side, looking to grab anything, when I feel the rough canvas of the sword sheath i have in the car. I bought this in a comic convention a few days ago, not planning on using it, but, oh well, it's all I have on hand at the moment.

I give in to the pulling, and the guy brings me out of the car through the window. I land solid on the pavement, other cars around, yet no one moves a muscle. Here in Puerto Rico, at nighttime, in this corner of the island, no one gives a fuck.

As soon as he turns me around, I'm ready for him. I pull out the sword from the sheath and stick it in his chest, going in deep. His lifeblood leaks through the wound, and he just looks aghast at the blade in my hands. This gives me the time needed to pull out the other, shorter blade from the scabbard, and stand. He now looks at me, enraged. In the same motion I pull the sword free from his chest, spin with the momentum, and slice his neck clean with the short blade.

In that spin I catch a glimpse of 3 more thugs, 2 goth-looking girls with them. Not bad looking, mind you, but under the circumstances, and with the bats and bottles in their hands, I can't really stand there and oogle at them.

I jump over the hood of my car and run to a nearby alley, crossing 3 lanes of traffic, and barely missing a car that was speeding by.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Depends on the mood, I guess....


??Which colour of Death is yours??
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm, water's cool.


Your Hidden Power Is Water

You have a rather calm soul, but when tempted
will get pissed off at those who bug you. You
do whatever you can in your powers to help
those of your allies and have a okay taste for
human kind, but you find them rather annoying
on occasions.

Gem Stone: Saphire, Eye Color:Ice
Blue,Hair Color:Dark Blue that's long
that goes to your waist.

Quote:If you wait for me
Then I'll come for you. Although I've travelled
far, I always hold a place for you
In my heart. If you think of me, If you miss me
once in a while, Then I'll return to you. I'll
return and fill that space in your heart

What Is Your True Hidden Power? .::Beautiful Anime Pics::.
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I think they got it all wrong....

SEXY LADY/ HOT BOY. You are hot, no matter what you
do. There are not much people like you.
Beautiful from inside and outside. The opposite
sex feels pleased with you . They treat you
like a god/goddess. The other ones are jealous
of you because they try to be sexy and
attractive but you are it. Maybe youre a bit
arrogant, or you seem . And some think that
they should better not even try to get a date
with you because your sex appeal scares them.
Sometimes it even nerves you the way they are
running after you.
. You need change-Sometimes you like shy and
sometimes you like extrovert

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
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I like this one...


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

What drink am I?


?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla


diesel sweeties: pixelated robot romance web comic

diesel sweeties: pixelated robot romance web comic

Wow, a pixel-art comic strip... sweet!