Monday, April 18, 2005

Complications in role-playing

Hmm... Interesting how humans have gone ahead and evolved language, something that most people agree is what separates us from animals, yet, it's pretty much reached a dead end in it's ability to effectively communicate complex ideas or in it's error margin.

There was a... disagreement of sorts between the storyteller and one of my fellow players over what was important to each in the story, causing said player to leave the story. Now, if there's only 3 players, and one of them leaves, leaving 2, of which 1 probably won't play either, that leaves me. I'm not staying alone, so I leave too.

Now, what seems that will happen, since at least *I* need my RP fix is that I'll storytell.

Yay. Watch me jump in excitement.

*stands still*


Now I have to come up with a decent story for them to play!!!! Damnit. Considering I've been playing Jade Empire quite a bit lately (KICKS ASS, BTW), I think I'll adapt Jade Empire's story to an Exalted chronicle. After all, they both deal with the Celestial Bureaucracy, so that helps a bit.

I'll think of something.

Ash out.

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