Thursday, April 28, 2005


Hello guys. I've done some changes around here.

First of all, You'll notice that the Archive and Links section on the sidebar are now collapsed. Click on the titles and they will expand accordingly. Did that to save space for those who don't care to see those sections. If any other parts of the Blog should be made collapsible, just leave me a message or e-mail me, and I'll consider it.

Second, and most important, I've set up a TagBoard, also in a collapsible link, for those who don't care for it. What's a TagBoard? Well, it's like a message board for the site, that anyone can use. Just drop in your name, any addy you want your name to link to, and the message, and Tag It. You can also use some smileys as well. THAT's where you'll leave me a message for whatever, if you're too lazy to fire up your e-mail editor of choice. ^_^

Ash out.

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