Tuesday, April 26, 2005


We'd agreed to meeting that night, out in the courtyard, so we could sleep together under the cover of night. But when I woke up, it was raining. I had almost lost hope, when I saw her outside, through my window, all soaking wet. The clothes stuck to her form, showing the silhouette that had made me look at her in the first place. Thin, yet shapely, considering our age. She was there, throwing rocks at my window.

When she saw me she beamed a smile at me, and hid in the bushes. Guess we're going along with the plan after all. I picked up a pillow and a blanket, and peeked out the corridor. The coast seemed clear, so out I went, running yet being careful. No sense in wanting to catch up to her, only to be caught and deprived of that pleasure.

At one point I was almost caught, but I quickly dived into a pile of dirty clothes, holding my pillow and blanket over me. It worked, but I wish I had thought of holding my breath. Those clothes were smelly!

In any case, I quietly opened the courtyard door, and there she was, standing, with her arms up, like she was the one causing the rain, calling it to her. I stepped outside, and joined her in an embrace. She was cold, because of the water, but I could still feel the warmth that was there for me.

We'd run and jump all over the rain. I got soaked as well, my nightgown clinging to me, almost a pale imitation of Anais, since I could never match her beauty. She still liked me though, saying that I was her Ari, and that we'd be together. Maybe not married, since people of the same sex didn't marry, but together nontheless.

That was when we hugged each other again, but something strange happened then, something I would later know was our Exaltation. We concentrated in each other, on the rain and the wind and the thunder, and, when the servants of the school came outside to check what was that giggling they heard outside, they caught quite a sight. We were floating some three feet off the ground, suspended in a whirlwind of mist, slowly spinning. Water currents seemed to run all around us on the ground, and the wind, spinning around us, lifted the water currents, making them look like streamers in the air. Our hair enveloped us, and where our hair ended, our elements began, Anais's blue-green hair extended by fine lines of water, my light blue hair whirling around us by wind. Our foreheads were glowing fiercely, almost as strong as that which was in our hearts.

In that moment, everything was perfect, we weren't cold anymore, and we felt our wish to be together bolstered by the Elemental Dragons themselves.

That's when we both lost conciousness.


It was so perfect.


She was so beautiful.


And that's when I wake up.

I open my eyes and get up suddenly, waking from my dream, and seeing the chaos I'm causing in the wagon. Wind is whipping all over the wagon, throwing things all over the place. Finian is trying to keep down those things that are too precious or too delicate to have flying around, all the while glaring at me.

I concentrate, and put the wind under control. It slowly dies, and I try to put things back in their places with the last of it's strength. Seeing his chance, Finian begins to pick up the most important things, while calling a servant to pick up the biggest messes, including some spilled food and drink and a puddle of water nearby, streaming from the bed.

Anais... I hadn't thought about her in years. I had carefully buried her in my mind, ever since she vanished so many years ago.

I wonder if this means anything...

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