Monday, April 25, 2005

Tiempo (Time)

Entonces, por primera vez en mi vida, me di cuenta de que la historia seguia, no era solo lo que habia pasado, y en unos años, esto seria historia, y en unos años mas, yo estaria aqui muerta y mis hijos vendrian a ponerme flores. En un instante entendi el terror del tiempo, y desde entonces pude medir hora por hora, minuto por minuto todo lo que iba viviendo, sabiendo que todo era medible por el tiempo solamente.

(And then, for the first time in my life, I realized that history went on, not only that it had passed, and that in a few years, this would be history, and in a few more, I would lie here dead and my children would come to bring me flowers. In an instant I understood the terror of time, and since then I have been able to measure hour by hour, minute by minute everything that I was living, knowing that everything was measurable by time and time alone.)


This is a fragment from a spanish novel, "Felices Dias Tio Sergio" (Happy Days, Uncle Sergio) that I have to read for college. I dunno, that fragment struck me as deep.

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