Sunday, April 10, 2005


After a long day in an unknown city, Arilith decides it's time to find a place to sleep. Seeing as how she doesn't have anything to pay for proper room and board, she decides to find something of a more "unconventional" place to sleep.

Walking along at near midnight, the Nexus populace is pretty snug in their beds. So it's relatively easy to sneak around unobserved.

Content that she is not being watched, Arilith bids her snow hawk, Keyria, to lookout from above, to make sure everything's tranquil and peaceful, as nighttime should be. As soon as Keyria is off, Arilith calls to the Essence within her, to ease her passage through her element, air. Concentrating for a second, she leaps from walls and corners, feeling almost weightless.

She lands on the roof of a 5-story building, brushing the dust from her already-sodden traveler's cloak. "I could really use some clothes."

She surveys the landscape around her, just some smokestacks and the infinite starscape, when she notices someone, riding a horse, observing her from ground level.

"Damn!" She mutters under her breath as she steps back from the corner, and rapidly hiding behind a smokestack. "He seemed too tranquil with seeing someone make 25-feet jumps, so something's definitely off with him..."

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