Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Changes, updates, and on moving to Blogger 2.0

Well, as you can see, i've done some changes around here. The biggest is the change to Blogger 2.0, which, although not very visible on your end, makes things quite a bit easier on mine. I can change elements and the page template is better modularized. All in all, i think it looks prettier. Don't you?

Also, my new baby at the moment, is the new Radio.Blog.Club radio on the Sidebar. From there you can see music that I like, or am listening to a lot at the moment. If I set the lyrics to a song on the blog, You can probably find the song there.

Finally, with a bit of pain and experimentation, i found a way to detach it from the site, so you can continue listening to it while you browse to ther pages. You can try that by clicking

Ash out.

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