Wednesday, January 03, 2007


After an extensive combat, the fight appears to be in a stalemate. All combatants are blazing in their animas, coronas in full glory. Both the abyssal and solar circles have been badly wounded, and are most probably running low on essence. Yet neither side will stand down.

Suddenly, Mateo pokes his head out from where he was hiding, beneath some rubble that had been knocked earlier. In the time it takes Naya to yell an anguished "NO!!!", already knowing the potential outcome, The Abyssal known as Stalker of Dreams and Desires smiles, and suddenly vanishes in a burst of speed. Naya still hasn't finished her single syllable when a crash of metal on metal is heard, and all that can be seen is Shiho, the circle's Night caste, standing in front of Mateo, body extended in a kick, apparently angled to an opponents chest. The heat glow from where their swords impacted is still visible, and keeps my eyes on it for the time it takes Stalker of Dreams to fly through the air, back to where he was standing, landing in a heap.

Shiho calmy says, as she sheaths her twin swords, "That is the definition of a coward."

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