Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The lights suddenly flare for a second, but then vanish, absorbed to encircle the child's form. The child's silhouette glows strongly in golden light, like she was being drawn on black and white, but with a gold-ink pen. Then, slowly, the golden colors begin to fade to darker hues, ending in what would seem to be the exact opposite of the golden color, like a negative color. The cave is awash in this strange purplish hue, primarily the ground around the child's feet.

Kayrin steps back, overwhelmed by the sudden pulse of energy emanating from her childe. "Now I didn't think that would activate her, not so soon." She's forced to cover her eyes as literally hundreds of energy flares scatter the air around her childe, saturating the area around her. Celphari, sensing a moment of weakness, snaps at two stone columns with his fists, sending the stones straight towards Kayrin and her child.

Kayrin lowers herself a bit, then jumps, slamming a roundhouse on the rock that was aimed at her. She then turns in midair, preparing herself to snap a bolt of energy at the other rock, but the rock she kicked was charged, and exploded on impact, sending her back and slamming her against the wall.

The child instinctively recoiled from the rock aimed at her, and jumped back. When she jumps back, two things happen, almost at once. The rock hits the streamers of raw essence that are whipping wildly around her, and the rock, and it's energy charge, are undone, their raw essence absorbed.


Also, and more surprising, with her leap backwards, the streamers whip foward, their long tendrils wrapping themselves tightly around her. By the time she lands, she barely looks the same.

Her feet, now covered by boots of a wispy silvery material, cracked the land where she landed. Her whole body seems to be steaming, as if it was very hot and is now evaporating it's surface material. What remains around her looks like a short cropped dress, mostly a pale white. The dress is sleeveless, yet gloves made of some sort of pale white silken fabric cover her hands and arms. Her torso is enveloped in a silvery glow, the energy receding, leaving behind the same silken white fabric covering her torso, v-cut on the neck reaching to the middle of her bust. The essence around her hangs lazily from her waist, seemingly cooling down into soft cloth pants, barely translucent, like the ones you'd see on women in a harem in an arabic setting.

Most surprising of all, though, She now stands about 5'8", and for all appearances looks like an 18-year-old young woman. She looks at herself, seemingly content with her appearance, and then focuses on those bright orange eyes in the gloom. "Celphari, was it?" She looks back at where Kayrim lays unconcious on the floor besides pieces of the wall she slammed against. "Seeing as how Kayrim is slightly indisposed, I'll be your partner."

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