Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Status Update (12:11 AM 7/6/2005)

Heya all. You all probably thought I died at some point, because of the lack of updates, eh? Well, no, just been spending some time with my PSP, Gamecube, and girlfriend. But I'm back, at least for a bit.

I'm gonna work on some programs I have to make to simplify my storytelling, as well as another to organize my emulation files. So I'll be in the computer.

If, by any chance, anyone wants to talk, e-mail me, or message me on MSN Messenger, laucian_nailo(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. My online time is real lonely now, which is probably why I don't spend time here anymore.

Anyways, I'm gonna try and write a little something, if only to shake the rust off my head. ^_^

Ash out.

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