Sunday, December 11, 2005

RPGnet Forums - Exalted second edition official spoiler thread

RPGnet Forums - Exalted second edition official spoiler thread:

"It is to differentiate between the literal and the figurative that the Primordials crawled from nowhere into nowhere, created Creation, and then established themselves in the Heavenly City to play the Games of Divinity and rebuff the Fair Folk hordes.

In this they were at best partially successful; for in the end, it is unclear that the elemental poles and land and sea and fire of their work is truly literal, and not a representation for the intimacies of their kind. And as for humanity, last and most notorious of all their ill-thought works, it must be said that to consider them as nothing more than what they appear---ungainly constructs of flesh and bone that wobble as they walk and speak without comprehension using their flapping tongues---is a ridiculous failure on the critic's part. They are transparently a complex metaphor, a denunciation, a long rolling ranting speech by the Primordial that gave them birth on all the imperfections and illusions hiding from even the Primordials forever the glory of the true existence that they will never know.


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