Sunday, August 30, 2009

My loneliness...

I just spoke with you. And after all the walking i did, i'm gonna take a shower while you take your bath. I miss you terribly... my father said that i should look into the prices of the cabins and places around here so i could come with you. And i thought of all the things we could do, the places we could see...

I feel alone without you. But like you said, the awkwardness that pervades us now makes me feel alone when i'm with you sometimes as well.

So many questions you don't know the answer to... it's scary, you know? To be in such an uncertain relationship, where you don't even know if you want to talk to me or not... but i have hope, and faith, that you do, even if you don't know it.

I fought you once for us... now i have to fight myself.

I love you. Hope you enjoy that bath, and remember the way my hands feel on your skin when i wash you on those rare occasions we get to bathe together. Would you like to feel that now?

If you do, then it's gonna be all right.

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