Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Perfect Day

I wake up to the soft music of my cellphone's alarm. I reach my arm from around my love to the phone to turn it off before she wakes. It's 4:30 am. Time for me to wake up.

I get up before she does, so I get first dibs at the shower. But I decide to surprise her this time. I go to the kitchen, and start working on breakfast. Eggs with bacon and toast. I add the bacon to the eggs crumbled, just as she likes it.

Once done, I go back upstairs and gently lift her from the bed. She snuggles up to me even while asleep, and it is my gentle yet insistent kissing of her lips which wakes her up. By this time I'm already lowering her into the warm water I had prepared in the tub, so she has a moment of panic as she feels herself sinking.

Yet as she realizes what's going on, she soothingly allows the water to caress her body. I pick up the sponge and soap, and start to slowly bathe her. She relaxes and allows me to do as I wish, gently scrubbing away the sweat from last night.

In our post-passion exhaustion, we fell asleep as we lay besides each other. And I fix that now, bathing her with all the gentleness I would a newborn. This brings my mind into other avenues, and a smile splits my face.

By this time she's awake, smiling as well. She enjoys my attentions, and with a gentle pull brings me inside the tub with her. She stands up, and does the same for me, washing my body with the same tenderness and care.

We both rinse each other, and go to the room to pick clothes and dress. It's a long day for us, a Wednesday, which means both class and work. But we've done it before. What was once such agony is much more bearable now that we have our own place. Even though it's more, and harder work, the fact that at the end of the day we will be together again lifts my spirits and makes me soar over any problems the day might bring me.

We dress, get our things, and go to college. As always, the happiness and love we feel for each other makes everything ok. I drive, with her snuggled against my arm, catching a fewmore minutes of sleep while we get there. I'm still amazed at how much the woman sleeps. But I can't really complain. She sleeps with me, and she's so beautiful when she does...

We arrive at college, taking our classes. We stick together, help each other, and focus. It's our last trimester, giving us both the final classes as well as the excitement of knowing we're almost done. But we reign in our dreams, and give it our all. After all, we've waited two years for it. What's another 2 months?

We get out of class and she drives us out to lunch. Ever since she started working she insists on paying for everytime we eat out, as if paying back for all the times I paid while she didn't have a job. I admire her determination, the way she holds on to herself and hates freeloading.

We eat at a fancy place, where she does her usual mix of cheesy macarroni with apple sauce and other weird stuff. It's always amused me how much she loves that, like a little kid. I look at her and can't help but love her. I take just some bread and wait for the main course.

My ribs arrive, and she takes her bacon cheeseburger. We eat in earnest, sharing strategies about games, ideas for our projects, and commentary about our jobs. It's the one time we don't spend together, and our anecdotes about things that happen are usually humorous, so again she smiles, lighting my world.

She drops me off at work, and leaves. Work is entertaining, but dull. Without her presence, all colors seem to go down a few shades in intensity, and the world just seems bleaker, colder. Her text messages spread during the day are like sharp ink blots, brightening my life for abit before the weight of banality pushes in again.

And she picks me up, and we go home, where I cook dinner, and we eat it, snuggled in the couch while we watch anime. Or play games. Then it's bed time, where our bodies entwine and our souls whisper to each other of ourwish to have a baby, and the promise for our future.

Exhausted, I wander into sleep, our whisperings of love still in my ears as my consciousness fades.

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