Thursday, January 12, 2006 Orphans of Chaos (Tor Fantasy): Books: John C. Wright Orphans of Chaos (Tor Fantasy): Books: John C. Wright:

Very good book. Just finished reading it. I recommend it to anyone who likes mythology, the Mage series by White Wolf, and fantasy in general.

"In the first installment of the Chronicles of Chaos series, common associations of high school with prison prove spectacularly well founded. The five teen protagonists are hostages in a British boarding school run by pagan gods. Sustaining themes of lost identity from Wright's respected Golden Age trilogy and heavily borrowing from the work of Roger Zelazny, the narrative charts the teens' discovery of their true identities--they're shape-shifters who hail from Chaos--then pits their budding powers against school authorities who have proceeded from acting in loco parentis to being ominous and occasionally lascivious oppressors. Phaethusa, who goes by Amelia after her aviatrix role model, narrates the rich and frequently comic intrigue, which takes full advantage of the alluring juxtapositions that arise when the soul of a 'montrosity from beyond the edge of space and time' is trapped in a nubile teen's heaving breast. Mythological references and discursions on the nature of reality may prove substantial barriers for some; Wright's growing fandom will revel in his overlapping frames of reference."

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