Sunday, February 06, 2005

2nd day on graveyard shift

Well, it's the second day on the graveyard shift, and i'll give a report on the first day:

The other poeple who work here at that time are real cool. We set up loud music, and work, yet hang out, at the same time. t's really comfortable, very nice. We cover for each other smoothly. It's very nice. Now, If I could play World of Warcraft from here, I'd never go home! ^_^

In other news, today, I enter work at 12:00 midnight, then leave at 7:00 to enter college at 8:00am. Seeing as how yesterday after work I only lasted to 11:00am before dropping from sleep, we'll see how I fare today, since I got college till 3:00pm. We'll see how that manages.

Ashtear Out.

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