Thursday, February 10, 2005

Some things to clear up...

It seems I got in trouble with my girlfriend because of some material i posted here, so I think it prudent to clarify some things about what I post here.

First of all, I post here what comes to mind whenever there's a computer with internet nearby, and i'm bored, or whenever I find something nice to show to the world.

Now, if I post something here, it's sincerely what I feel at the moment. AT THE MOMENT. Probably half the stuff I post here doesn't stay in my head after I post it. So, even though I post important stuff here, I also post stuff that isn't important.

Now, if a cute little girl parades her butt in front of me, I might make the comment "gee, she's hot". Chances are, if I'm online at the time or have an internet terminal close by, I might post it here. Ask me later the same day if I remember. That's another purpose of this blog. To show a timeline of the stuff that goes through my head, so I can later look back and laugh. Or cry. Whatever.

Now, baby(and I'm talking to my girlfriend now), if I post here that there's a girl that I saw and I liked, yet I didn't tell you later on, chances are it wasn't important enough to the relationship for me to tell you. In fact, as far as the posts in question are concerned, what was there is already over, as you would see from the posts themselves. The fact that I tell you that I love you should be enough for you to accept that I love you, and, if not that, then the simple practicality of the fact that I wouldn't waste my time with someone that I don't love should finish the job.

Shouldn't that be enough? *sob*

Now, if all of this isn't enough, and you don't trust me enough to simply accept what you feel and rather you decide to just go with the first thing you see, then fine. Your call, darling. Nothing I can do there.

But tell me, in a relationship, where the utmost ideal is trust, shouldn't my word be enough?

Shouldn't it?


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