Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Kayrim's approach

Silently, the shadows in your room seem to gather above your bed, in the corner of the roof. From the darkness, two violet eyes stare at you, deep and ageless in their beauty. They seem to take you in, while the shadows take her shape. She just stays there, perched on the walls in her black gown, lace flowing from her hair, small spikes at the tips.

With a swift motion, she drops down, landing in her knees next to your bed. She softly caresses your face, and whispers to herself "She'll do just fine". With a soft kiss in your forehead, the shadowstuff that made up her body scatters, flitting across your body before doing so. And in the brief moment when the shadows caress your sleeping form, you feel a warmth unlike anything you have felt before, deep within you. Something in you, kin to this form...

This is a small piece I wrote for a friend of mine who was asleep on MSN Messenger, while I was bored at work.

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