Monday, March 21, 2005


A sudden shadow shapes itself from the residual darkness in the room. Vaguely humanoid, it lays down above the child, imitating her position. She then lowers herself, enveloping her form in its shadow. "You are mine." The shadow infuses her, runs the natural pathways in her body, coalescing into a rune in her lower back. A symbol of her heritage. Her destiny.

Kayrin looks about the room, having just finished the first of the lesser runes. She stares intently at her, noticing her soft skin and fair face. "Hmm, she's so peaceful like this, asleep." She begins to walk towards her, to feel her warmth again, when the wall besides the bed grows unusually dark. Recognizing a portal spell, she does one of her own, above the intruder, coming both out of the room through the wall and yanking the intruder off from the wall and to the floor with her. They roll on the ground a second, then each leaps to a different direction. They now stand outside the house, each sizing up her adversary.

On one side stands stark white hair, almost transparent at the tips, reaching to her thighs. Skin slightly luminescent from the energy she gathered in anger at this offender. Standing about 5'2", she does not seem very intimidating at first glance, but the scowl on her face does little justice to the anger she radiates right now. Her hair is whipping around her in a mad frenzy, caressing her firm breasts and torso, which shows that, although small, she can probably pull her own, without help of her magick. Her black gown, leaving the chest partly exposed, is now in ruins after the tussle on the floor.

On the other side, there is another female, short height, yet seemingly well-armed. Her slightly curled brown hair is interlaced with chains and spikes that run all over herself, holding the longest of them in her hands as a makeshift flail. These chains are her only clothing, yet they do not bind her or seem to restrict her in any way. She stares at Kayrin, anger also in her face.

"So, you must be her.", Kayrin mutters under her breath.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?!" was the offender's reply.

"Who I am does not concern you, but I am here to protect the woman in that room. You shall not lay your talons on her any longer!" She stretches that last syllable into a yell, causing the excess energy on her body to flare outwards, the shockwave clearing the area around them.

The freshly-mowed lawn they were on up to now, having suffered only slight burns from Kayrin's aura, was now decimated, leaving most anything within a short distance charred, yet the corner of the house strangely immune. Kayrin looks towards the child's window. "Could it be an unconscious reac...."

This intruder, though seemingly out of control, evades the energy burst by backflipping to the house's wall, and clinging there. From there, she launches her chain. Kayrin snaps to attention, and deftly evades the chain, but the true purpose of the chain wasn't to hit her.

The chain tangles itself in a nearby lightpost, and with a pull that would have been unbelievable from someone twice her size, she yanks the pole clean off the floor, causing it to topple in Kayrin's direction.

Kayrin, a bit faster, dodges to the side, evading the cement column, while simultaneously flicking 3 knives she produced from her gown. The intruder lifts her arm, chain in hand, and sets it to spin.

Steel clashing on steel, 2 of the knives bounce off, skittering in random directions, the third one stuck on the chain links. Pulling back the chain, she twists it in midflight, untangling the knife and sending it end over end towards Kayrin.

"This is stupid. Show yourself!" Yelling this, Kayrin surges with lightning, nature's might batting aside the dagger and racing towards the girl in chains.

The lightning strikes the chains, and scours her skin, burning it away. Her arms suddenly seem to unfurl, showing wings. Her skin burns away into fine black dust, revealing feathers in her hair and legs. She quickly leaps up into flight.

Kayrin stands firm, yet a bit cocky, hands on her hips. "I didn't know harpies had to force their lovers... But then again, you're awfully ugly for a harpy..."

She got the desired effect. The harpy screeched in anger and dove for Kayrin, chains gathering around her for a fatal strike. Kayrin falls into stance, waiting for the right moment, yet still taunting the harpy, keeping her on track.

The harpy strikes forward with her chains, sending them like missiles from point-blank range, while holding the ends of the chains tangled in her arms. The chains land where Kayrin stood, sending up a shower of dirt and rocks in all directions, effectively obscuring visibility. By the time the dust clears, something very impressive is on display.

One of the chains hangs limp from Kayrin's hands, having caught it in flight. But the other one had gone right through her chest, under her left breast. Kayrin still stood there, her stance the same, her knowing smile the same. For now was the time.

Kayrin sidesteps, her body seemingly flowing around the chain, like she was nothing more than a semi-solid shadow. As if this wasn't enough, she starts running around the harpy, with the chain in her hand. The harpy flashes a spin kick to her midsection, but she's moving too fast. She spins around the harpy, and suddenly leaps straight up, causing the ground around her to crumple from the sudden push of her legs.


Hearing noise outside, she wakes up. She looks around, stands up, and walks to the window. What she sees outside surprises her, so she runs to the stairs to get to the roof, see better.

She gets outside just in time to see a woman dressed in black come up, spinning like a torpedo, chain trailing one side of her spin while runes etched of lightning arc a trail on her other side. She sees the stranger in the black robes flying in front of her, how in every arc of the spin she looks at her, and smiles. She watches as this woman, whom she feels a strange connection with, snaps the lightning in her hands up like a whip, and how in that precise moment where the lighting is straight up, touches hand to hand, connecting heaven and earth.

And then she can barely watch anymore.

The sudden flash pales in comparison to the deafening explosion, not to mention the unbridled power of the lightning bolt that slams down into the ground. The child raises her arms in a reflexive act to protect herself, and succeeds in much more.


Kayrin stabilizes in midair after being flung out by the explosion, and smiles at her childe. "So it has begun."


She opens her eyes, and suddenly gasps in disbelief. Her hands face forward, and a dark aura flows from them, enveloping her. Everything around her is decimated. The house itself is in shambles, having crumbled seconds before. She just stands there, in the air, shield protecting her from the still-arcing electric discharges from the objects the lightning bolt electrified. But this shock costs her her concentration, and she faints, dropping some 3 stories to the rubble beneath her.


"Shit!" Kayrin quickly fades into the darkness surrounding her, fading back in around her childe , enveloping her frail form with her own body. They slam into the remains of the house's family room, bringing what was left standing down on top of them.

The rubble stays still for a moment, then it stirs. Weakly at first, then with determination. Finally, she brings the rocks from on top of her out of the way, softly bringing the child above it all.


She opens her eyes, meeting face to face the one she has dreamt with for so long. Those dark purple eyes seem to stare deep into her soul. Yet the connection seems to traverse both ways, for she saw in the depths of those eyes both a desire that would destroy anything in its path and a love that would protect the object of its affection with that same fury.

"I..." she begins to say, but the woman holding her in her arms puts a finger to her mouth, keeping her quiet. "My name is Kayrin, " she says, "and you are my childe." She struggles to straighten herself, standing besides Kayrin. She begins, "My name is Kei...", but Kayrin quiets her again. "The life you used to live is no more. Think of a new name to go with your new life."

With these last words, they both lift up into the air, slowly. Kayrin holds her childe close to her, and they both fade to darkness.

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