Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Things to keep in mind..

Hello everyone(yeah, all 3 of you!). Now, I recently christened my first official fan, Anais. Stand, Anais, take a bow. *A cute 6-year old stands, sheepishly bows, which causes her to drop her glasses, and quickly drops again under the pretext of looking for her glasses. She doesn't stand up again.*

*Ashtear observes the spectacle, then looks back to the other two, and shrugs.*

In other matters, I've received some constructive criticism towards my last story, "Intruder". We have 2 points.

1) To better describe the characters.
2) To better describe the setting.

Now, my main focus in these was the action, so I hadn't realized I was leaving those two out, so I'll try and deal with them in the future. Also, I had some glaring errors in the story, so I corrected it. In the process, I ended up adding some details here and there, so it might be worth a second read, maybe not.

So there.

Ash out.

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The Tit said...

All three of us...

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