Saturday, March 05, 2005

Things are looking better...

Things seem to have gotten better in their own way. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I really am starved for time lately.

To get the best thing out, things seem to have gotten better between my girlfriend and me. We talked for a while, and things seem to be getting better. So far so good. Now, I won't be able to give any more status about my relationship anymore, since I have been expressly forbidden from speaking about the relationship here (something about privacy or whatever...), so that's the last you'll hear from my girlfriend. She says bye. ^_^

Progress report on my stories: Well, they're at the same place they were last post, plus starting another new one. It seems that whenever I have a small lapse in activity, my mind just cooks up something else regarding these stories... If only my mind woul to the end, instead of starting myriad new stories...

I'm now reading Mona Lisa Overdrive, By William Gobson. Like I've found with most his other books, I start reading and for the first few chapters, I'm lost as hell. Then I start picking up. We'll see how this one turns out, although so far it looks as good as the others.

World of Warcraft has been all but forgotten, since I have no time to play. I have like almost 3 levels in rested experience alone, but I can't really play so... I also noticed that most all high-level guild members left the guild, so they could raid high-level content with other guilds... So that's set me down quite a bit.

All in all, I'm at work now, so I'll see if I can use this boring time to finish at least one other writing. Any more delays are just inexcusable to my inmense fan base (now 4, since my brother saw the site a few days ago. Yay.).

Ash out.

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