Thursday, March 17, 2005


I apologize for my lousy updating habits. It seems all I do now is use the blog as my personal bookmark page. Well, sort of, but it's also so a friend of mine can keep up with anything I see and find interesting. By the way, hi Ozmahunter!

Also, I'm sorry for the lack of stories. It seems I have serious problems with writing consecutive segments, and instead hop and skip from one idea to the next, finishing none. I'll see what I can do about that as well.

The Nokia 6620 is a very nice piece of hardware. IrDA, Bluetooth, MIDP 2.0, SymbianOS, VGA camera, recording both pics and video... Very nice overall. Best phone I've had, and most expensive, too(cost me $200). All I need now is a way to log on to the 'net in my laptop using the phone's GPRS connection, and I'll be happier than a dog with 2 tails.

Also, PSP next week, although I won't be able to get it the very day it comes out, since the phone was so expensive. I'll prolly get it the week after that. We'll see how that manages.

Also, seeing as how I now have a camera on the cellphone, I'm snapshot-crazy. I have to check if I can find someplace to put all of those, so you can see all the crap I see. Especially my friends. Now, I know a few who will bitch at me first thing in the morning to not put up their pics, but from now I say, I'm sorry. Journalism must be impartial in it's presentation of the truth.

Or something like that...

Ash out.

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