Sunday, May 08, 2005


A strange twilight envelops the room, sharing it with the cool air of the night. Few things are alight at this time of the night, but we keep a some candles inside the room for just this purpose, and so they cast a soft gloom over the bed.

The bed itself is nothing ostentatious, just a soft mattress with a bedspread atop it, and a comforter for us to cover ourselves with. Simple things here in school, although I've heard some of the richer kids get better things to sleep with, although I'm sure not better company.

It is quite a risk to have this company. If we were to get caught, we'd be in serious trouble, both of us. It wasn't easy either, sneaking past the hall monitors to meet at each other's rooms, but every second that I get to feel the warmth on her skin is more than worth it. It even gives us some incentive to try to master our new powers.

Just to stay here, holding her in my arms, while being held in turn, lying on the bed, only our faces above the covers, to together see the dance of the candle flames in the dark room.


No words can describe the intense comfort that we derive from sharing each other's company. Nothing else compares with this. Even though we are supposedly too young at 14 to understand matters of love (or so say the adults), we are more than happy in each other's thoughts, arms, and hearts.

She mentions that it's getting a bit hot, and I get out of the bed. I motion for her to join me, and she stands up as well, and joins me in an embrace. I try and will the air around us to move, and suddenly our hair starts to whip in each other's faces. It's a bit cumbersome, but it does the job; Anais begins to feel a bit more comfortable.

This also gives me the chance of admiring the gleam of the candlelight on her skin, on her thighs and arms, the way the flickering flames play tricks with my mind, showing me glimpses and teases while denying me the whole picture.

She begins to tickle me, and I try to shy away, but to no avail. I end up falling on the floor, with her falling atop me, and, in that split second, our eyes meet. It's always amazing when you have that instant moment where you just connect with someone, everything seems to just stop in the world, except for you two... Well, this time, everything was frozen, except for the fact that she pushed forward, bringing her lips to mine.

I kiss her fully, trying my very best to show her with what I have that I would give her everything I didn't have, if I only had the chance. I can also feel the same intensity coming from within her, radiating, pulsing with every beat of her heart.

Right before anything can happen, she leaps off of me, banishing my wind spell, and slips into the shower. I feel a little cheated, her getting off when she did, so I get up to follow her.

When I enter the bathroom, she's there, standing in the tub, water splashing her face. The water rolls down in rivulets and streams, caressing her skin the way my wind did a few moments ago. I love it when I can focus the wind to envelop her body, because I can feel her in ways that I can't with just my skin... In that way, the wind I manipulate is an extension of me. Which is why I understand what she does now.

She looks at me from under the shower, and suddenly the water that purse down her body begins to streams up the floor, the walls, even the ceiling. The whole bathroom is covered in water, and not a splash of water that then runs down the walls. I mean a thick film of flowing water, the same way it would flow on the floor, but in every surface, including her. She almost looks like a water elemental in this form.

She wills the water to crawl up my body, enfolding me. Just a few years ago, I would be panicking at this. How there's water everywhere. Even now coming up my frame and enveloping my whole body. But I trust her. I trust and love her above everything else in all of Creation. Which is why, completely covered, I walk towards her, and join her in the bath, sinking under the water. We lay there, and explore each other. One drinking of the other, fully, as only lovers do.

Afterwards, we embrace each other. My wind and her water forming streams in the air, mingling the same way we just had seconds ago.

We just lay there, holding one another.

Dreaming it would last forever...

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