Monday, May 30, 2005

Nuklear Power - Home of 8-bit Theater

Here we get to see Brian's frustration with Ridge Racer. I echo his sentiments. It's a BITCH!

Nuklear Power - Home of 8-bit Theater: "If I ever find the man who progammed the drone car AI for the EX tour in Ridge Racer for the PSP, I will beat him in the skull with a baseball bat until there's nothing left but a chunky stain.

I will video tape it so I can watch it again and again.

I'll plead innocent at the trial. I'll refuse a lawyer, as one will not be necessary. My testimony will be to give the judge and each member of the jury a PSP and a copy of Ridge Racer.

I expect them to deliberate for less than fifteen minutes and to be a free man later that afternoon.

That many PSPs would be expensive, but it'd be worth it to not only make it legal to kill the fucker who made those cars, but to be the only person who got to do it.

I'd watch that video every night before going to bed. I'd sleep smiling.

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