Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Bathing in the pond's warm waters, I can feel the ancient grove resonate with my soul. Here, in the middle of this forest, stands a small pond of bluish green waters, reflecting the stoic gaze of the many trees that surround it. Here for who knows how long, it probably hasn't seen a living human in a long time. And now, for some reason, I don't know if my heart longs for it's company, or if the pond longs for mine.

Which is why I am not completely surprised when the water before me begins to rise, taking the form of a young human girl, standing in the pond's surface before me. While her form is completely composed of water, she is tinged with the colors of the forest, allowing me to clearly differentiate and appreciate the blue-green eyes, the dark green hair literally flowing down her shoulders, shapely yet firm legs and dark-colored lips, smiling seductively at me.

She lowers herself to grab my hands, and I, lost in the magnificence of the pond's spirit, willingly give myself to her. She lifts me towards her, her breasts brushing my chest, and takes me in an embrace, during which we slowly sink under the water's surface.

I know her like i've never known anyone else, exploring within her form every single nook, cranny, and crevice in the pond, all of them represented in her body. Every curve, every strand of hair, every inch of skin, I explore with my soul, trying to make her as mine as I can, integrating her into the depths of my being. Suddenly the lack of air is of no importance, for I draw sustenance from her essence, my being for this time as diffused into the pond as her love and feelings will allow.

Slowly we sink deeper, to the core of her existence and power. Here we join in a way I never dreamed possible, and that would effectively be impossible because of the limiting aspects of flesh and bone. But these are temporarily circumvented by the power of the pond's spirit. I feel as if I were water as well, and we swirl amongst each other, mingling and completely uniting with each other, true love as it should always be.

Since then, I visit the pond every day of my life. Nothing can keep me away from my love, who always comes to the surface to greet me when I lower myself into her warmth. I have bathed in her hair and drank of her lips, breathed of her flesh while under her skin. She has explored me as well, seeking to know me intimately, and has taken my seed with her, nurturing our love in her womb deep under the waters.

One day I went to the pond, to my love, when I found a baby girl in the waters, breathing of her mother as I breathe the air around me. Her hair is the blue green of her mother's eyes, a slight bluish tint to her skin, yet my eyes and inquisitive nature. She looked at me when I approached the pond, and her mother rose from the waters, holding our child in her arms, and spoke, "Look, my child. Meet your father."

I went to her, the surface of the pond sustaining my weight, and held both her and my child in embrace, tears streaking my face.

My new family, my true family, together.

My mind set, to be with my love and child for the rest of my days, we slowly sank to the depths, never to be seen again.

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Anne Boleyn said...

Very nice short story. It's almost like a fairy tale :)