Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Ok, now, I'm probably gonna get in trouble over this, but I set up on the Music section of the sidebar's links 2 links of interest. Both are radios, both with songs from the anime series Bleach. Now, the thing is that I found a way to open their radios in little windows, without having to touch their site. That's why I'll probably get in trouble over it.

In any case, you can do searches from the official RADIO.BLOG.CLUB site for a song, and it'll show you the radios that have that song, so they do even worse than I do...

Oh well... Until I find a way to set up my own, I'll probably be linking to all my favourite radios all over the place... *sigh*

Also, all links to radios that I set there will have a particular song autoplay on load. To know which song will pop up, put the cursor over the link, and a tolltip should pop up and tell you. The autoload song is probably the song that led me to that radio, so it's usually something I wanted to listen to a lot at that time.

Ash out.

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