Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here's my try at forced writing

They had been put on standby, to observe for any new happenings at the old chapel. Most of the squad was there, with the added, though unknown, supervision of Alistair. Only a handful of people know where Alistair is at any given moment, and, considering the importance of a person with his knowledge and position to the Ordo Dracul, he takes considerable risks in not being where these few people think he is. But then again, he pretty much got to where he is by precisely the same emotion that puts him where he is now.


The "squad", as Alistair likes to call them, since their organization and high-tech toys makes them look like an elite top secret squad of some high-ranking secret organization, is pretty much the latest invention of the Ordo Dracul. This group, the Five, was created to "see without being seen", to observe for some strange metaphysical phenomena that have been ocurring in isolated locations in the city and surrounding geography.

Now, the squad in and of itself, although having for members some of Alistair's closest friends, is not in and of itself the reason that Alistair is here. Since Alistair has known, the wielders of supernatural power are the Kindred, and to some degree still not well understood, a group of creatures that, for lack of a better term, we have to call "werewolves". He was, in a way, duped into being a vampire precisely because of this, for the power that he would then wield. But ever since he learned the true repercussions of what he has become, he has looked for a way out of it, something all others consider impossible. For this he has earned a lot of enemies, but in this purpose he has also gathered a substantial amount of knowledge regarding such subjects as Kindred lore, knowledge of supernatural phenomena at large, and or some of the happenings in the past of humanity that don't quite mesh with what you see in history books.

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