Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Neural Networks vs. Computer-Networked Environments

Neural Networks vs. Computer-Networked Environments:

"In 1960, psychologist Stanley Milgram had discovered the paradigm of ‘6 degrees of separation’ – the fact that all the people on this planet seem to be linked by an average of six connections. In his original experiment, Milgram had sent letters to a random selection of people in Nebraska and Kansas and asked each of them to forward the letter to one of Milgram’s friends, a stockbroker in Boston whose address he didn’t give them. The people in Nebraska and Kansas were asked to only send the letter to someone who they thought might be socially closer to the stockbroker. The experiment has now been recreated various times (always with the same results) – for example by the German newspaper Die Zeit, which tried to connect a Kebab-shop owner in Frankfurt to his favorite actor, Marlon Brando."

An interesting read.

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