Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bad Karma

Today has been a horribly lousy day. I probably released all the Bad Karma I accumulated, and then some. In (approximate, I just discovered I got A.D.D.) chronological order:

1) Wake up late for college.
2) Left tools needed for networking project at home.
3) Had to pick up my gf at her college, and bring her to mine. (Not exactly bad, but it involved a drive I could've done without, and it forced me to leave one of my project mates alone in the lab)
4) Had to put from my money for some extra parts I needed for the project.
5) Noticed the social geography at college changed, and one of my closest friends is now ostracised for apparent mistakes. Still looking into it, but as far as I can see, it's ugly.
6) Had to go to postland, to check up on e-mail and such, and then had to leave, but didn't want to, cuz I was having a lot of fun. Still had to leave.
7) Went to pick up said parts, and ran into a girl who had a crush on me like 7 years ago. *yuck*
8) When I get back with the parts, everyone had left, so I was stuck alone on the lab. Couldn't do anything, cuz I can't lift and screw the bolts needed to hold the wall-mount switch cabinet in place by myself.
9) When I leave the lab to go home, I notice I have a flat tire. Check the trunk, my spare is also flat. Have to call mom so she can give me a ride to get it fixed.
10) While I wait for mom, I play with my cellphone, and somehow, it started to ask me for a PKU number or whatever. End result of my not knowing the number? I lock up the phone. I try and fix it? I mess up the SIM card.
11) I get the tire fixed, and go to the local mall to get the cellphone fixed. The SIM card's 25 bucks.

Now, how does all of that sound?? Sucks, I know. But there were some things I was able to seak out with. Mainly with the SIM card cost. Just took some flirting, but it worked. Free SIM card. ^_^

In any case, I hope I have no more problems, just eat, sleep, and dream. To dream of diamond tears...

Ash out.

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Anonymous said...

what a tease :P