Monday, November 07, 2005

Lucid Dreams...

It was during one of my late-night random Internet browsing sessions that I first heard the term "Lucid Dreaming". Apparently it means a kind of dream where you know it to be a dream, and are sort of awake. I really didn't pay it much attention at first, but the concept kept playing around in my head for quite a while, before sleep blissfully took me, right there in my desk.

Next I remember, I was in a desk, working with some papers, and a computer besides me. And although I hadn’t seen her, I knew there was also someone else, a woman, off my line of sight, behind me, I think it was, working on some images or somethingAlso, though she was off-sight, I also knew she was only wearing a nightgown, so she must’ve been someone important.

In any case, at some point I’m asking her about what she’s doing, and she doesn’t answer. So I turn around to check, but I don’t see her anywhere. I do feel movement from behind the couch, though. Now, we usually play this hide-and-seek thing. So I decide to surprise her.

Focusing my energy, I create a weapon of pure flame, solidified into the shape of a scythe, which I slash with in the couch’s direction. This slices the couch neatly, burning the resultant pieces to ashes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, her robes catch fire as well.

She quickly reacts, and starts to remove the pieces, each falling before they have a chance to burn her. Which leaves behind a very fine woman, showing luscious curves, blonde tresses that barely cover her shapely breasts, soft skin that just begs to be touched, and, I suddenly notice, a very angry stare.

She says, in mock anger, “Could I have SOMETHING to cover myself with? After all, you did burn them”. I look around the room, looking for something I can offer, but I can’t find anything. Except for the flame scythe in my hands, which gives me an idea.

Taking the scythe in by the corners, I compress it to nothing, my hands now closed. As I open them again, a lattice of flame flows between my hands and fingers. I walk close to her, and, putting my hand in her forehead, begin to chant.

The flame lattice, surprisingly, feels cool to the touch, yet strangely enervating. It flows from my hand above me, to my other hand in her forehead, and down her body, as if liquid.

Slowly, I bring the hand raised above down, and guide the liquid flame down her body, enveloping her soft skin in tendrils of living flame. I slowly lower myself, covering her neck, breasts, hips, and legs with the new dress.

Finished, I stand, and pace back to admire my work. No matter how angry she was at me for destroying her robes, I think I did a fine job with this newest enchantment. The flames slither through and around her body, empowering her. They also seem to respond to her thoughts, taking shapes in her skin as an artist draws in canvas.

She marvels at what I did, and begins to turn around, checking herself out. She seems happy, and that brings me happiness. She goes by a mirror, and starts to show off, making the flames dance in her hands and arms. Just in case, I will to mind the essence of ice, just in case it gets out of control.

She keeps walking around, seemingly dancing with the flames. By the time she stops, she went full circle around me, lighting a wall of fire with her feet. By the time she stops, she closed the circle, flames 10 feet high closed around us.

She looks at me, a plan in her eyes. What I can’s suspect, but just in case, I begin to condense the ambient humidity in my skin. She says, victory in her voice, “Now you’re trapped, here with me.”

Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. But, seeing as how she’s probably not used to seeing my magical effects, she doesn’t know I could shut down all of this with but a thought. I decide to let her enjoy her fantasy. “As you willed, I am. What now?”

She thinks for a moment, and then says “Seeing as how you wrecked the couch, I guess you will sit on the floor.” I comply, now intrigued by what she’s thinking of doing, and kneel before her radiant form, now magnified by the cloak of flames dancing on her skin.

She slowly pushes me, making me fall on my back, as she lowers herself on top of me. Reflexively, I activate my spell, and the humidity around me flash freezes on my skin, protecting me from the fire. My clothes, though, begin to burn.

She’s startled by this, so I quickly explain. “The flames are yours to command now, my dear, and thus they hurt me as much as they used to hurt you.” She replies, with the softest hint of seduction in her voice, “I won’t hurt you, I promise.” Crystallizing the essence of ice in my mind again, I release the spell, causing the ice to evaporate as fast as it had first formed.

Smiling, she moves up my body, her knees on either side of my body, and holds my gaze for a moment. Her hands run along from my hands upwards, traveling my arms and ending at my shoulders, then down the sides of my chest.

With her motions she finishes alighting what cloth I still had on, all of it reduced to ash by now. Seemingly satisfied, she shrinks the flames clothing her to the form of a crown around her head, the flames shifting to a blue color. At some point that I hadn’t noticed her flames became the only light source in the room, so this action causes the whole room to go dark, except for the candle-sized flames coming from her head, surrounding us in a soft blue glow.

With her hand she takes my chin and softly forces me to move my head upward, stretching my neck and arching my back, closer to her, as she lays soft kisses from my jaw, down towards my neck, her hands roaming freely.

Absorbing the stimulus her actions cause, I can only hold her by her waist with one hand, while I keep staring at her eyes, caressing her hair with the other.

She bites her lips while looking at my chest, now exposed, then settles a bit lower, kissing and licking every inch of skin she comes in contact with. Slowly coming up, she straddles me and sits above my hips, placing kisses along my jaw, ending with a soft one on my lips.

At that instant, the flames in her head freeze in place, the only indication of my spell. With time frozen in place, I savor that kiss for all it’s worth, allowing an eternity of feeling and expression to fill only seconds of contact. I hold her face with my hand, and look at her eyes. Hopefully she can see just how much that meant for me.

Slowly, she parts my lips, deepening the kiss, licking my bottom lip, and biting softly on it, before softly swirling her tongue along mine. I accept her kiss, and begin to react to it, gently sucking on her lower lip, while caressing her body with my hands.

The flames in her hands slowly dance down her neck, through her body, and into mine, where, although feeling cold to the touch, they make short work of whatever scraps of cloth are left in me, leaving me as exposed as she is. After this, the flames fan out, creating a small circle of blue flame around us on the floor.

After that I hold her close, feeling all of her body’s warmth while at the same time sharing all of mine. I hold her close to me with one arm around her waist, the other around her neck, her hair cascading down around my face.

She now ends the kiss, rolling to the side, putting me on top of her, where she pulls me down into another kiss. The blue flames never miss a beat, and swirl and flow around us, reestablishing the circle at our new position.

I let my hands explore her, caressing her breasts softly, and then going further down, caressing her thighs. Loving the touches, she sighs, and tries to hold me closer.

I squirm a bit, loosening myself from her grasp, and then come back in, between her legs, kissing her from bottom to top, first her inner thigh, then waist, licking from there to her breasts, where I spend considerable time showing affection, softly sucking and kissing, then leaving for higher ground, mainly her neck and lips, which I kiss with passion like fire.

She lays there, arching her back and moving her hips upward against me while moaning softly at every kiss and touch. Pausing for a second, I ask her, “Are you ready for this?” I am perfectly positioned, my lower body between her legs, my upper body above her, so the “what” in that question is easily deduced.

She lifts herself up a bit and places a soft kiss on my lips, replying with a soft “Yes”. She then lies back down, relaxing and giving me all the freedom to do as I please.

Softly, and with all the care in the world, I lower myself, planting a kiss on her lips, and entering her with all the softness and love imaginable. She arcs her back, enjoying every second of the pleasure. She lets out a soft moan, closing her eyes tightly, focusing on all the feeling.

I thrust slowly, trying to focus not on speed or strength, but on trying to maximize the sensation from each one. Even while I do this, I continue to kiss her neck, while I explore the rest of her body with my hands.

Her kisses become fully passionate and urgent in between moans and hard breathing, while her hands run up and down my back, scratching her nails softly. I can feel blood welling up on some of the marks, and the thought of it only raises my intensity.

Slowly, but surely, I pick up the pace, caressing her while thrusting deeply. I whisper in her ear “Does this meet your expectations for today?”, to which she replies, quite a bit louder, “god, yes!”. During all this, she begins to move her hips to meet my thrusts.

Satisfied with her answer, I whisper one last time, “Then come join me, join me in our pleasure, and meet me high in the stars, where our act will bring us, above all others” I pick up the pace even further, holding her very close, and thrusting deeply, more insistently.

She moves faster, seemingly trying to bury me deeper inside of her. Her skin feels like it’s on fire, and she’s covered in sweat. She wraps her legs around me, holding me closer and kissing me deeply.

I suddenly twist to the side, taking her atop me. The blue flames dancing around us again adjust, and that’s when I realize that they seem to be spinning faster, as if moving with her breath. I grab her by the waist, guiding her movements to me, while kissing her lips and caressing her breasts.

She kisses me, while moving at a good pace, and lowers her kisses down my neck, where she bites not so softly, her hands holding my neck to her. This elicits sudden moans of ecstasy from my lips, short gasps of air showing just how much pleasure I’m in. Not to be outdone, though, I wrap one arm around her, hold her waist with the other, and push into her hard.

Suddenly she begins to shudder, and her moaning begins to climb in pitch. The blue flames around us begin to vibrate in tune to her, until, at the end, she screams, and the flames crystallize in the air, and shatter into small motes of light, which fall to the floor, slowly fading their light.

A few seconds later, in the complete darkness that now surrounds us, her moaning and shuddering triggers in me what now washes over her, and I moan, while thrusting deep into her, giving her that of me which gives life. I hold her close for the whole time, giving her moment to feel such a rush of love as to be almost impossible.

I stay there, in darkness, still recovering from everything, when I softly and suddenly land on the floor. She vanishes from underneath me, and that’s when something in me clicks. This is a dream. Yet I know it’s a dream. Did the dream become lucid?

I quickly get up, trying to grab my bearings, but the darkness prevents me from doing so. I remember the flames, and wish they hadn’t turned out. Seemingly reacting to my thought, the shards of frozen flame in the ground light up, floating from the ground and gliding around me like blue stardust. This gives me enough light to survey the room.

The room is now a featureless cube, walls on all sides, with none of the furnishings it had at first. Realizing that this is still my dream, and seeing the ashes from my clothes on the floor, I concentrate, and the ashes reform around me, clothing me again.

From the corner of my eye I notice a light suddenly blink from off to my side. When I look, I barely get a chance to see a woman, the woman I think I was with just moments ago, yet not quite her, quickly leave the room through a door, closing it behind her. By the time she was closing the door, she was looking remarkably similar to the woman in the carriage, from a dream a few nights ago.

I run to where she left, but I don’t see any form of egress. When I look closer, the door is there, but it’s such a perfect fit as to be almost invisible.

I concentrate the motes of stardust around me on the hinges and borders of the door, and, once I mark the doorframe, cause them to explode. The explosion makes no sound, but effectively unlocks the door.

As I open the door, a bright light comes in from the outside, blinding my sensitive eyes. I catch a glimpse of mountains, a river, and..

I open my eyes.

I’m at my desk, in my room, besides my work. Was it all a dream? And, even if it was, what was that outside?

Or the woman who was with me?


Ava said...

It's definately gorgeous.
And I'm happy to have been a part of it.
Though I do hope that whatever I come up with beats your version :P

Anonymous said...

Fascinating and breathtaking... It felt like I was there, witness to such an extraordinary ocurrence.

Anonymous said...

that was very beautiful and i felt almost everything. keep doing so wonderfull stories.