Tuesday, November 15, 2005


In total silence, the ritual begins. Only 2 souls experience it, and they will awaken from itchanged. One, a young man in his youth, and the other, a woman even younger still. They will both share of their life essence, together uniting themselves for all time.

The male, standing at the center of an ornate, yet completely symmetrical circular room, picks up from in front of him a dagger. A serpent blade of utmost lethality, it almost feels like a waste when all he does is nick his finger with it. Blood does begin to flow profusely from it, though.

He passes the dagger to his companion, the female, who then begins to do the same, while he passes his bleeding finger across her body, starting at her forehead, like a pen that doesn’t run out of ink. He runs his finger clockwise around her face, stopping at her jaw line, which he follows down to her neck, chest, making arcane designs on her chest, around her breasts, and then follows further down. She mimics his finger designs on his body, merely a few seconds later.

He proceeds to push her back, making her fall from her kneeling position backwards, laying back on the floor. He goes above her, and continues his designs on her body. She continues on his as well, using the dagger to nick a finger in her other hand, to allow her more freedom.

Designs finished, the time for anointment has come. Kneeling in front of each other again, in the center of the room, they both pick identical daggers, and slicing a vein in their wrists, they let the blood mingle as it flows down to a container between them. The blood splashes each other’s wrist before falling down, causing a mesmerizing display of droplets as they rain down. The container, already treated with anticoagulants, takes the blood hungrily, awaiting it’s turn in tonight’s events.

The blood flows until both participants begin to feel dizzy, making the remaining proceedings even more surreal. As soon as the room begins to move, both of them proceed to put their still dripping hand inside the container, in this way accepting all they are, with all their partners can be. Both of them then raise their hands, and put them on each other’s forehead, leaving their handprints in blood across each other’s face and hair. Once this is done, a small tear is drawn on the cheek, representing the sadness in their hearts previous to this event, which is then licked clean, showing how they will from now on be there to lick each other’s wounds.

After this symbolical painting, they stand, lifting the container over their heads. By now they can barely stand, considering they never stopped losing blood, but this is only one other test. Once standing, they hold each other with one hand on each other’s waist, while holding the container high with the other, causing blood to flow from their severed veins down each other’s body.

At this point they tip over the container, completely washing themselves in their own blood, washing everything away with their lives, to thus start again from this point on.

Now, the ritual finished, they drop to the puddle of their blood on the floor, and, after applying some antibiotics on the wounds and some chemicals to seal up and promote healing, they proceed to make love in the floor, skidding on their live-giving fluids, until they pass out from blood loss.

To from then on continue together, forever, the whole event crystallized in the 2 vials of blood they wear in their necks from now on, to eternity.

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Anonymous said...

heh, those blood vials really left a mark on you... either way, very nice... the way you write it still very sensual (even with those huge amounts of blood your talking about) kudos to you