Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Things have gotten hectic lately....

Well, this has been fun. I have a job now, working at a big videogame retail company, so it's gotten interesting. I started training on wednesday, and had my first actual working experience on monday.

For so much junk I speak and write here, I'm too shy around real people.

I know, classic geek symptoms, but I had never realised how I got when I got near starngers. I have to greet them when they get to the store, and ask them if they needed any help, or if they had brought any used games. I found myself asking them, and hoping they would say they didn't need any help, so I could just go away. But my performance is measured by how many sales I make, so I'll have to do something. Any hints appreciated.

Also, gonna see if I upgrade to SUSE 10.0 sometime either tomorrow or the day after. As soon as my budy Eldrin gets off his @$$ and burns them, that is...

Ash out.

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