Tuesday, May 03, 2005

MR. Power Player Strikes Back!

I ripped this fullscale from a post at the White Wolf forums. If someone objects to this, please let me know, and I'll remove it. I just wanted to show others exactly the things that mess up a roleplaying game, plus the things players can come up with.. ^_^


Okay, this is a bitch topic so if you don't wanna here someone
bitching, go somewhere else.

You guys might remember my earlier post about "Fred". He was the power
gamer who was trying to use Incomparable Sentinal Stance to turn
himself invisible for an hour. Well, after reading your posts, the ST
went ahead and told Fred he couldn't do that anymore. Fred pouted for
a bit and then intentionally killed his character because, "The ST
ruined my character concept." So, he decided to make a new one. I
wasn't there when he was making his new character, and I highly regret
that now.

I get there to the game and find that Fred is playing an Eclipse caste
Solar. "Whoa?! A social character?" I'm thinking, "Awesome..." I peek
at his stats and see they're all in physical attributes. "Oh well..."

This game session as we were travelling through the Wyld, we came
across this ancient infernal site that we were looking for to get an
artifact. We ended up battling this massive demon/wyld-mutated
mammoth-spirit. Now, before the battle starts the ST grins. "Okay
guys... I'm just gonna warn you now, this will be a pretty difficult
fight, so I apologize in advance if anyone gets smacked. This will
prolly be one of the hardest fights you've ever been in."

Anyway, Fred activates Strength Increasing Exercise adding 4 points to
his strength (he's got 4 permanent essence of course). Everyone else
activates their defensive charms... then we roll initiative.

Fred's character busts out a grand dakliave and then he says, "Okay,
I'm spending the 6 motes to transform my weapon."


As it turns out, Fred has a 5 dot artifact that can, for 5 motes,
transform from a normal Grand Daklaive into a Warstrider Grand

"Hold it!" I say, pausing the game. "You realize that you need a
strength of FOURTEEN to wield it? Maybe if you were playing a Lunar or

He just smiles.

"Wait up... you have a 14 strength?"

He explains:

He's got 6 points in strength (thanks to the Legendary Attribute
merit), plus an additional two from the Wyld-Affliction "Tough" for a
total of 8. Then, it turns out that somehow the ST let him start with
some Spirit charms, including Largess (why the heck the ST okayed this
crap is beyond me), which let him add an extra 2 points to his
strength for a total of 10. Then Strength Increasing Prana gives him 4
more for a total of 14.

I stare blankly, but what can I say? It's legit... so I kind of stop
paying attention to what's going on.

We roll initiative and, of course, he goes first (thanks to that +18
on initiative from his weapon).

He busts some combo and swings his sword at the monster. The ST just
smiles and I'm thinking, "Awesome, he's got something planned."

ST says "Go ahead.. it doesn't dodge. It's got a decent soak of 40 and
a ton of health levels. Like I said, this will be the hardest battle
you guys have ever been in."

So, Fred rolls the attack. "11 successes." ST smiles again. "Okay, do
damage.. remember, 40 soak."

Fred grabs a handful of dice and rolls them... then he grabs another
handful and rolls those... and then another...

I gotta speak up. "Hold up! What the hell? How are you doing so much damage?"

Thats when I find out his new trick. He had decided to take the
Terrestrial style martial art form Five Dragon Style to grab the
Five-Dragon-Blows charm. He had comboed this with Leaping Tiger

Five-Dragon-Force-Blow doubles the base damage of his weapon (which is
19). So that becomes 38 + 14 strength + 10 for extra successes = 62
damage. Minus 40 from soak still leaves 22 damage, which Leaping Tiger
doubles to 44!

By the time he's done rolling damage he's managed to score 31
successes and killed the damn demon/wyld-mammoth in one hit!

He gives me a little smirk because he's got this little trick down
totally legit and I can't come whining to the message boards >_<

I know it's more the ST's fault for not telling this guy, "Hell no!"
but... sheesh...

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know what's going down with Mr.
Munchkin Power Gamer now... we're not sure if it's better to kill this
character or let him come up with something new Razz

Knowledge Is Power
Power Corrupts
Study Hard, Be Evil!

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