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Very interesting post on the Exalted origins story, BY Promethean Clay. Fished out of the Official Exalted Forum.


This is an idea that has been floating around my head for about a year now, and as i digest the information in the Autochthonians book I am getting an idea...

First, lets take a look at the Incarna.

The Unconquered Sun: He is awesome, at everything. His nature is excellence, there are others who may beat him in some areas, he surpasses the other Incarna in almost every area.

So? Well, this means his is among other things, a canny bastard. He organized the revolt against the Primordials, and he probably chafed under their control more than any of the other Incarna. While warfare and gloriousness (he makes up words to describe how cool he is) are his part and parcel, he can also be sneaky and underhanded. Where his children specialize, he encompasses everything they are.

Luna: The shape shifting Incarna with ties to the Wyld. She pulls it closer to Creation and then pushes it away. Some people think she came from the Wyld originally. The main book says that Gaia has given her lots of power.

So the second member of the conspiracy against the Primordials is a shapeshifter know for secrecy, battle prowess, illusions and misdirection. Luna is apparently one of the best lays in the Tellurian as well. Since Gaia stood aside so that Luna and her siblings might take over Creation.

The Five Maidens: Created to maintain the machine of Creation. Embodied in every movement across the tapestry. Functionally insane? Probably. Bored with their rather tiresome job weaving the fate of the world while their masters play fun games? Yes.

So, we have the core of our conspiracy. Now, who assisted them?

Gaia: One of the creators of the world who abandoned her partner and took up with a vastly inferior being. Interesting. We know she did not assist in fighting her siblings, she did intervene and keep the Exalted from killing all of them. So she at least kept an eye on the war and stepped in when she felt things were getting out of hand.

Autochthon: The machine god, forger of gods, shaper of Creation. Sickly and apparently not invited to play reindeer games with the rest of the Primordials in the party city of Yu-Shuan. He hung out in Creation tinkering with things while the other Primordials made fun of him.

We also know that Autochthon left after the war because he was afraid of retribution and well as the gods getting jealous of him. Paranoid? Perhaps. Gaia didn't feel it necessary to leave even though she is vastly more powerful than the Incarna and presumably would engender the same sort of jealousy.

My Idea: What if the Incarna were a little more manipulative than they are given credit for.

You are a beings crafted to serve your masters and are looking for a way out. You can't attack them yourself, so turning them against each other seems like a good bet.

Things start to take on a very different light now.

Luna starts a relationship with Gaia and lures her away from her siblings. I'm sure it looked odd to her siblings, a bit like having a relationship with your computer i imagine. Everyone was distracted by the games, and having Luna to entertain you probably makes things even more distracting. Why, if you had a shapeshifter as your playmate and the games to keep you occupied the rest of the time i imagine there is not much you would notice going on.

What is Luna ensorcelled Gaia? If Luna is from the Wyld the arts of the Cup are something he/she is certainaly familiar with, and it is all about making others need you. What if Gaia stood to the side not because she felt the Incarna had a just cause, but because she could not do without Luna. Torn between her addictions to both the Games of Divinity and Luna she may have found herself unable to act. If the Primordial herself was this distracted and torn then it would likely not be that difficult to convince her greatest Third Circle souls to offer what little assistance they did offer (the creation of the Dragon Blooded.)

So, the Incarna now have at least the complicity of one of the Primordials. She may not help them, but she won't hurt them. Having one of the creators of the world on your side can't hurt either if you plan on taking the world over.

The Incarna are still lacking a way to take out their masters though. Enter Autochthon. We know the Primordials did not trust the Incarna enough to let them live in the celestial city, and we know that Autochthon spent most of his time in Creation. So it is likely that the Incarna at least ran into him while performing their duties overseeing Creation.

Considering the way the other Primordials treated him i can't imagine it would be too difficult for good old Inviticus Sol and the Five Maidens to point out some things to him over time, to put a few ideas in his Core. Why do his siblings treat him so poorly? They break his creations, they abuse his tools, they copy his work. Autochthon probably had a pretty big list of grievances against his siblings.

It may have taken a thousand years, but i can see some of his Third Circle souls thinking over the problem of getting back at his siblings. I'm sure the Incarna had nothing to do with hinting at a very poetic form of retribution, letting the beings he created take part in bringing down his siblings.

Autochthon may have already had the parts in place, the design for the Alchemicals, the prototypes of the Exalted. He had set the Mountain Folk to preparing weapons. He merely had to give the Incarna, his creations, the tools to take over Creation. A fine lesson to teach his siblings who never appreciated him, his own methods and tools in the hands of his creations pulling their from their games.

The Incarna created their servants and they got the greatest Third Circle souls of Gaia to lend some of their power, creating weak foot soldiers for the war.

The war happens, the Exalted manage to kill a number of the Primordials before Gaia shakes off her addictions enough to prevent the wholesale slaughter of her siblings before sinking back into her stupor. So the Incarna force the remaining Primordials to swear oaths to the Incarna, oaths they learned how to craft after Gaia taught them how to organize the essence of Creation.

After the war things so well, for awhile. Then everyone gets paranoid. The Incarna force Autochthon to imprint the Mountain Folk with the Great Geasa and he starts to get nervous.

His siblings are either dead or locked away, and they are pissed. His one free sibling is blissfully unaware of what is going on around her. Oh, and he just armed his creations with the tools that could be used to murder or imprison him as well. So Autochthon quietly and carefully packs up and leaves it all behind.

I'm curious what people think of this view on things. It casts the Incarna as far more devious than previously presented. It makes the Primordials out to be very fallible, especially Gaia and Autochthon who are essentially manipulated into helping the Incarna take over the world.
Promethean Clay

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