Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thottbot World of Warcraft: Priest - Talents

Thottbot World of Warcraft: Priest - Talents

Priest Talent Calculator, from Thottbot.

Ereramus, or anyone interested, you can check here the talents priests get, so you can give me some ideas as to how to build my end-game priest.

I'm still debating Holy Nova. It seems to be as efficient in group heal as Prayer of Healing, yet also hurts enemies in the area, but has a 1 minute cooldown. Supposedly this will be lowered to 30 seconds next patch (I know I heard from a good source, but I can't recall who now, I think it was Fangtooth on the forums), in which case it will be even better than it is now. It currently stands as a very efficient spell, but I question it's utility in a PvP server, which I play on.

Improved Fade is really a very good talent, yet it requires you to spend 17 points to the shadow tree to get it at full power. It's usability is limited to PvE, but it really provides the time necessary to get off all those heals.

If I don't go all the way to Holy Nova, which I'm really against, considering it's 31 points to it, I have a lot more flexibility. I guess the big decision is if I want Holy Nova or not. I'll see. I really wouldn't like to totally forsake my Shadow roots...

This is another spread I just cooked up.

I think I get everything I really want on this one, or at least the most things I can get at once. Improved Fade, both the shield and fortitude talents, and Spirit of Redemption, plus all the healing mods leading there.

I think this is the spec I'll keep.


Edit: Replace "Spirit Tap 5" with "Blackout 5". Since I mostly won't solo at 60, anytime I attack is because I'm in PvP, so I'd rather stun my enemy than regen mana faster after the kill. If I get the kill, I'm clear, so I can drink in peace.

I hope. *gulp*

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