Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back to Reality

I wake to face yet another day. I remember back when everything was colorful, showing all the possibilities that the world provided me. Slowly, everything has slowly lost it's color. My room struggles to keep the shades I've given it through my activities, but the weight of reality is pushing it all away.

I even remember once when I was swallowed by the drab banality that now surrounds me. I couldn't even get to writing. I would just live my life day by day, just going through the motions. I knew everything so well that I could even do it in my sleep. Which is pretty much what I was doing, sleeping while awake.

A recent dream freed me from the grayness, made color flush back into me. I can still remember her kiss, the warmth of her lips... But just a dream. I still thank her profusely, that princess from another world, for returning color to my senses.

At least, I think she was a princess. I barely remember the dream. But it was so vivid it released me from the mundane and showed me something magical, if only for a fleeting instant. It's intensity so strong it's effects on me still linger.

If only I could go to her again. To see her once more, to feel her soft skin and eyes of starlight, robes of moonlight, showing everything that could be in abscence of the weight of the world.

I walk on the sidewalk, which I share with other people, yet, the contrast is staggering. Everything around me, in different shades of gray. I can even see the color being drawn from me, the world trying to reclaim it's true form. But all it does is suffocate me of the last precious shreds of fantasy I still hold to me, given to me by her.

If only I could thank her...

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