Saturday, October 22, 2005

I finally got a job!!!! Then it got worse...

*sigh* Ok, let's start from the beginning.

First of all, I'm called on thursday, that I got a job. They want me to pass over on friday to fill in the documents and start training. I finally get a job since my contract expired on my old one back in June. I'm happy, everythig's cool with the world, nothing can touch me.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Saturday, I go to my new workplace (YAY!) and fill out the documents with 9 others they picked. They picked a lot of people for the christmas season, so it'll be cutthroat even among the employees, since those who fare better will get to stay after the christmas season.

Interesting, I've been looking for something to spice things up a bit.

Sunday, the day starts. My good friend Makbro wakes me up, so that we can start playing Exalted early. I get off bed, take a bath, and get dressed.

Then I sleep another hour.

That's ok, that always happens. I finish picking up, get in the car, and go pick up my gf, and we decide to pick up Makbro too, and we can all go eat together.

On the way to Plaza Escorial, where we're gonna go eat, the road is wet, I skid and crash another car from behind. No biggie on him, as usual, but my car front is even more screwed now. To top it, my girlfriend's fingers got pinched by my laptop computer, which she was holding in her hands at the time, and the dashboard. No biggie in the grand scheme of things, but it still hurts me.

We eat, then leave for Makbro's place to play. We get there, and just when we park, it starts to rain. A lot. We decide not to get out of the car, and go to a store and get some d10 dice, which we've been meaning to get for a while now so we don't have to use our Java-coded dice.

The car won't turn on.

Seems the crash busted up some wires, and shorted the car battery. The car won't turn on. We decide to leave it as is, and when it stops raining, we'll come back and take a better look at it. So we get out the car, and get drenchecd on the way to Henry's car, since we had to park pretty far aways.

We get there, play for a bit, and it stops raining, so we come back down, tools in hand, to take a look at the car. I can't find anything to do, but Makbro suggests getting some Sprite to drench on the battery poles to clean them, and whacking them with a hammer, see if that fixes it.

I stare at him quizzically, thinking if I should take my swords from the car and defend myself.

He swears by his Sprite and hammer, and I disbelief him. We go get it anyways, see what happens. Worst that could happen is... well, with the ways things were going now, things couldn't get much worse.

On the way up, I go inside his house, and in a display of skill that would leave many 3-year olds dumbfounded, I topple over a ceramic vase from a table with the umbrella.

Yep, those 3-year olds would be ashamed of me.

I keep sinking myself deeper in despair, thinking that I should just stay put and wait for the day to end. But after picking up the shards and swearing to atone for today's events by reassembling it with Krazy Glue, Makbro gets the Sprite and hammer, and, well, we get to it.

It works. The car starts.

Whohoo!!!! We decide to go pick up our things, so I can leave, since I don't trust Makbro's magical effect much. My girlfriend gets my stuff, and we leave. I drop her at her house, and drive to mine.

Now, I'm here, at home. And I will stay here until either the sun comes up again, or something extremely good happens to balance my karma.

This sucks.

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Anonymous said...

karma can be a bitch