Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lost in the Sway...

This is unbelievable, but totally hilarious, so I have got to share it.

I'm sitting in my car, with my girlfriend besides me (this is a very important point. It's not just anyone beside me, it's my girlfriend of 4 years), and I'm going to the local gas station. Now, since gas prices here in Puerto Rico are going up fast, there's a lot of people crowding stations where gas is cheap, and this one isn't any different. There's a line to get on it, and 2 people stopping cars and checking if there are free pumps, so people can go.

Now one of the 2 people was a funny old man. No biggie there. But the other is this pretty young girl, short hair, brunette, with a very nice body, wearing a short shirt, leaving her very well-sculpted body showing in the best places, and tight short jeans. She's nice-looking, so as any man, I stare.

My girlfriend comments about the line taking a long time, and i think to myself, "With her administering the line, I can stay here all day if she wants". Obviously I don't vocalize this thought. My eyes are transfixed by the sway of her hips as she walks to check if there's a free pump for me.

In the process, it seems (I'm too busy staring at her hips to notice) that she removes the hairband from her hair, and starts exagerating the sway of her hips a bit.

I drool.

My girlfriend comments something to the effect of "What's up with her, is she showing off for you or something?" to which I reply, blurting it out without any remorse "I don't know really, but damn, she's HOT!".

Now, all guys obviously know this is a no-no.

It takes a full 2 seconds for me to realize what I did, and by the time I do, it's too late to dodge my girlfriend's incoming right-hook.

Now, 1 hour later, it still hurts.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!! she hit you!!!!! fucking awesome, totally funny