Thursday, January 27, 2005

Finally! It's over!

And that marks the end of quiz hours! Now, i'm late for my report (as usual), so i'll go do that now. Yes.

Crappy work report....

Oh, and on other news! Right now my day looks like this:

Wake-up call at 5:00
Wake up at 5:30
Start class at 7:30
Leave college at 15:00
Enter work at 15:30
Leave work at 20:30
Get my girlfriend at work at 21:00
Leave my girlfriend at her house at 22:30
Get home at 23:00
Play World of Warcraft until 1:00
Sleep until 5:00

After my Boss' proposition, my day will look like this:

Go in work at 0:00
Leave work at 6:00
start class at 7:30
leave college at 15:00
go home sleep at 16:00
wake at 22:00
Go work at 0:00

Sounds crappy, eh? I know. It does. And I still don't know where does this schedule leave my girlfriend... The carrot he's dangling in front of me is that this way, i'll work more hours, and i'll have a higher chance of making my job permanent. Watch that chance there... Not certainty, chance. Hmm.

Much thinking has to be done.

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