Sunday, January 30, 2005

Vampire's Kiss I

V a m p i r e 's K i s s

He walks up to her, slowly. He delicately puts his arms under her, and in a quick jerk, lifts her from the bed up into his arms. He leaves the room and goes outside. As he walks with his prey in his arms, he remembers the solitude and loneliness that comes with so much power, ability, and beauty. Is it really worth it? Is it really worth never knowing love in order to have all this power? He silently walks the city, woman in arms, looking for a place to rest, to think of what has happened. He finds his way to the beach, where he watches the reflection of the
moonlight in the water.

In all of these centuries, he's seen beautiful women, both inside and out, but none as beautiful as this one. He'd seen her in her house as she wrote. She was a beauty in herself, with her pretty blond hair and her sparkling blue eyes. He met her once, and they were drawn together. Oblivious to her was the fact of his dark abilities, for, as a vampire, there was much he could do in this world.

They continued to see each other, but, in a night of passion, he got carried away. He bit her, absorbing her lifeblood for himself. In doing this, he sealed her fate, and he shall never hear the same voice, or the same giggle, and never again see the same blue sparkle in her eyes. He had lost her.

All because of a curse. A curse that brings with it more power than any mortal man would ever comprehend. Suddenly, he feels movement. Not around him, but in his arms. She was arousing. It was time for her awakening. He was hoping she'd awaken tonight, but was not really expecting it.

As she wakes in his arms, he notices the changes he has brought upon her. Her skin, beautiful as it was, has grown slightly paler. Her hair has also darkened into a brownish gold. As she opens her eyes, she stares openly at his. Her eyes have turned a crimson red, the color of the richest wine. As he opens his mouth to explain, she covers it with her own. She holds him in her hands, and kisses him deeply. After this, she speaks:

"My darling, you have no explaining to do. I have known you were a vampire for some time now, and that is why I agreed to sleep with you. I knew this would happen, that I would lose all ties to mortal life, and become a vampire as well, but that was my purpose. I always thought I wanted to spend the rest of my days with you, but I came to the conclusion that this wasn't enough." As he slowly puts her down, she stands up beside him. "Now that I am no longer mortal, my dream can come true." He, still locked in her gaze, replies: "And what is your dream?"

"To be with you, until the end of time, my love." They embrace each other, holding strong not letting go. As they hold each other, the darkness envelops them, and they vanish, together.

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Dark Angel said...

I remember this clearly, I even have all the Original stuff, which will be posted on my website.. as soon as I decide when I will make the stupid thing :)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this story. Its great.