Sunday, January 30, 2005

Vampire's Kiss II

V a m p i r e S t o r y II

- All he sees is the glint of a dagger, and the spray of his own blood. The attacker lands on her feet, quickly dashes behind the still-surprised hunter, and gives a vicious backstab, so strong that the impact of the dagger's hilt completely crushed his spine, not to mention the damage of the blade itself. The attacker then nimbly backflips into a corner of the room, and stays there, silently watching as what's left of the vampire hunter crumbles to the floor. The attacker then opens her cloak,
revealing the beautiful figure of the Lady of the Manor.

She slides the blade on her tongue, savoring every drop of blood, as crimson as her eyes, then sheaths the blade on her waist. She unties her hair, allowing her brownish-gold hair to hang free. She scans the room with her beautiful crimson eyes, then shuffles in her pockets to find an amulet, which she clenches in a fist on her left hand, while doing arcane symbols on the air with her right hand. The air around her feels heavier suddenly, and energy starts radiating upward, first from her fist, then from her whole body. It looks like there's a strong updraft under her, lifting her cape up high, and shuffling her hair upwards. "My Lord" she says, "come to me, please.. I just finished one of..."

Suddenly, a gust of wind blasts her surroundings, overpowering the energy wash around her and making her lose the binding with the amulet. An overwhelming darkness covers the room, and focuses next to her. "No need to use the Blood Shard, my dear, I stand here beside you, as always"

The darkness focuses and transforms into a dark silhouette, and the form of the
Lord Lemien comes from the shadow. The shadow dissappears behind him. "My Lord!!" she hurriedly screams as she dashes to him, hugging him close.

"It's ok, my dear. No need to worry. You did in that hunter good, and I'm sure you'll deal with the others just as well."

Lemien Hinoarashi
August 14, 2000

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