Thursday, January 27, 2005

Interesting things are afoot...

Hmm, what started off as a slow day at first got interesting later on, and mostly becasue of 2 people.

Wake up with me hallucinating i'm in a war, telling my mom at what times are my morning classes. This discrepancy is exactly what wakes me up, with mom asking me at what time are my college classes. BTW, that's what happens if I don't get enough sleep, for which you can blame Naomi over there, looking so cute and pretty...

Anyways, go to college, first professor doesn't show, completely making the effort i spent into waking up early to go to college moot. Second professor does show, though, but i'm so sleepy i fall asleep in class, thus becoming the joke of the day. After that, last professor said she wouldn't show, so we leave early. I convert a fellow college friend of mine from FFXI to World of Warcraft, get him to buy the game, and to pay my food at Panda Express. I know, Charisma's on 4 dots and going up... (Storytelling System reference, nevermind...)

In any case, i stop my foolishness and go to work. Get to work, log on to the systems, and say hi to everyone. Then, right there, I realized that suddenly i feel much more comfortable here at work, and i've identified the cause. I've found 2 co-workers with similar interests, or at the very least tolerant of my interests. SO now i have someone to talk to on cool things, not like the rest of the old people here. The 2 or 3 hours i'm here and they are, it's actually fun to be here. Very cool.

But don't worry. Give me 2 hours after they leave, and i'll be back here, writing the boredom away. Like now.

Also, thinking of starting another char on WoW, a Night Elf Hunter, on an RP server. Sounds nice on theory, except that I hear that the people playing on RP servers don't really RP all that well, so we'll see how it turns out.

Ashtear out(to keep reading Megatokyo, ^_^).

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