Monday, June 06, 2005

Statusw Update 06/06/05 (cont.)

Ok, where was I? Oh, yes.

BTW, I'll be mixing and matching things in my mind, not bad things only, or good things only. Just everything.

3) I feel like I've lost a dear friend. I haven't spoken to her in a long time, and it's not because we had an argument or something, just our lives going their separate ways, I guess. In retrospect, I think I was kinda forcing a friendship where there wasn't space to be one, and for that I'm sorry. I guess I was being a bit of an egoist. Just no time for either of us, it seems...

4) Can't mention my girlfriend. *whacks himself with a 6-foot pole*

5) I'm reading into this whole Shoujo-Ai deal. It's pretty interesting, I must admit, and not for the obvious perverted reasons. I think it's cute.

6) Fixed up my car. It's still quite fucked up, but usable again.


8) World of Warcraft kicks ass. As you can see from all my previous posts, I'm getting real into it again. Now that I'm reaching the end-game (level 59 as of now), things are getting real hectic, what with raiding so much, and with the Honor System in place, PvP is a lot more hectic. And continuous. I've done about 33 or so Honorable Kills so far. I know it's very little, but then again, I don't go in raids specifically to PvP, so...

8) I know about the image size problem, them sticking too far to the left. I'm gonna try and make it so that all images are thumbnails, and at the same time links to the full version, or so that they're thumbnails, and when you hover over them they go full screen. Still haven't decided. I'm looking into doing it in the template with CSS and javascript so that I don't have to retroactively fix all the boo-boos I've done with images in the blog so far. Remember, one of the main qualities in a programmer is lazyness, so that he looks for the most efficient and complete answers to his problems. ^_^

That'll be all for now. If I think anything else up, I'll post it here.

Ash out.

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