Monday, June 06, 2005

Statusw Update 06/06/05

Yes, I know I mispelled the title. That's a visual example of how pissed and frustrated I am in this current spot in time.

And even if you didin't ask, ... fuck.. a second...

1) I'm at work. Had to stop because of a fucking phone call. Yeah, I'm working until 9:00am now, so I have to take the stupid phone calls again. But oh well, that won't last long either, because...

2) I'm losing my job at the end of this month. Yeah, some crap about there not being any money to pay for my job, or something like that. Yeah, right.

Anyways, I'll continue this from home.. I'm off work.

Ash out.

1 comment:

mika flores said...

Sorry to hear that, hope you can find another job soon. It should be easier now to get another job, giving you have experience in the field...I'll ask around see what I can find. Remember there is nowhere else to go but up. :)