Monday, January 31, 2005

Hello people!!

Heya guys. Chilling here in a friend's hose before going over to get some grub. THought I'd stop to say hi.

And this is my current desktop, if for no other reason that I just discovered I could do that. ^_^ Posted by Hello

Wanted to get that done with, so here's a pic of me, in Old San Juan, here in Puerto Rico. Notice my rad kite skillz. ^_^  Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Another day ends...

Well, that's that for today. Again to sleep late, but, hey!. Wouldn't be me if I didn't.

If I get bored enough I'll post some pics here of me, and some college friends. We'll see how that works out. Now, for a little experiment in logic...

Ok, a few posts back, i mentioned that there's a girl I like. Now, if any of my female friends sees this, they could possibly think that it's her. And effectively, the girl I speak of has the address to this site. BUT what you all don't know is that I've given the addy of this site to many friends, male and female, so I can assure that the person I like has this site's addy, so could possibly be seeing this. But, since many female friends of mine has this site's addy, none of you can be sure who am I referring to. Thus, I hide in a crowd.

By the way, I must admit that I find myself thinking of this girl quite a bit lately. I wonder what she thinks of me...

Guess I'll find out someday, eh?

Good night.

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A few pics from Megatokyo that I thought everyone should see... Posted by Hello

Crappy job report

This stupid report will make me leave work like 2 hours late today... damnit....

I think i'm gonna have to make some program to do this for me... Oh, Yeah!

Just in case you people didn't know, I'm an avid Java programmer... Or was, anyways, until my laptop got busted. Now that I have it back, I'll have to get to coding again, see if I remember some things... I'll try and cook something up to put here, even... if I can...


Heh. What digging through your Hotmail account will bring back. Those 2 were old stories I wrote, back when I was in love with a girl, and back when I held the illusion that I could write. They're not half-bad, if I do say so myself, but, alas, the source of my inspiration faded with time, and thus, i lost will to continue that story. Myabe if I got some encouragement I could continue with it, but, alas, that encouragement has not come since that time. Thus, they remain as they are.

Although, now that I found them, maybe I'll fool around with them, especially considering all the knowledge i've collected from all sorts of places concerning fantasy settings, and vampires...

Hmm... Smells... like... a brainstorm coming up.


Vampire's Kiss II

V a m p i r e S t o r y II

- All he sees is the glint of a dagger, and the spray of his own blood. The attacker lands on her feet, quickly dashes behind the still-surprised hunter, and gives a vicious backstab, so strong that the impact of the dagger's hilt completely crushed his spine, not to mention the damage of the blade itself. The attacker then nimbly backflips into a corner of the room, and stays there, silently watching as what's left of the vampire hunter crumbles to the floor. The attacker then opens her cloak,
revealing the beautiful figure of the Lady of the Manor.

She slides the blade on her tongue, savoring every drop of blood, as crimson as her eyes, then sheaths the blade on her waist. She unties her hair, allowing her brownish-gold hair to hang free. She scans the room with her beautiful crimson eyes, then shuffles in her pockets to find an amulet, which she clenches in a fist on her left hand, while doing arcane symbols on the air with her right hand. The air around her feels heavier suddenly, and energy starts radiating upward, first from her fist, then from her whole body. It looks like there's a strong updraft under her, lifting her cape up high, and shuffling her hair upwards. "My Lord" she says, "come to me, please.. I just finished one of..."

Suddenly, a gust of wind blasts her surroundings, overpowering the energy wash around her and making her lose the binding with the amulet. An overwhelming darkness covers the room, and focuses next to her. "No need to use the Blood Shard, my dear, I stand here beside you, as always"

The darkness focuses and transforms into a dark silhouette, and the form of the
Lord Lemien comes from the shadow. The shadow dissappears behind him. "My Lord!!" she hurriedly screams as she dashes to him, hugging him close.

"It's ok, my dear. No need to worry. You did in that hunter good, and I'm sure you'll deal with the others just as well."

Lemien Hinoarashi
August 14, 2000

Vampire's Kiss I

V a m p i r e 's K i s s

He walks up to her, slowly. He delicately puts his arms under her, and in a quick jerk, lifts her from the bed up into his arms. He leaves the room and goes outside. As he walks with his prey in his arms, he remembers the solitude and loneliness that comes with so much power, ability, and beauty. Is it really worth it? Is it really worth never knowing love in order to have all this power? He silently walks the city, woman in arms, looking for a place to rest, to think of what has happened. He finds his way to the beach, where he watches the reflection of the
moonlight in the water.

In all of these centuries, he's seen beautiful women, both inside and out, but none as beautiful as this one. He'd seen her in her house as she wrote. She was a beauty in herself, with her pretty blond hair and her sparkling blue eyes. He met her once, and they were drawn together. Oblivious to her was the fact of his dark abilities, for, as a vampire, there was much he could do in this world.

They continued to see each other, but, in a night of passion, he got carried away. He bit her, absorbing her lifeblood for himself. In doing this, he sealed her fate, and he shall never hear the same voice, or the same giggle, and never again see the same blue sparkle in her eyes. He had lost her.

All because of a curse. A curse that brings with it more power than any mortal man would ever comprehend. Suddenly, he feels movement. Not around him, but in his arms. She was arousing. It was time for her awakening. He was hoping she'd awaken tonight, but was not really expecting it.

As she wakes in his arms, he notices the changes he has brought upon her. Her skin, beautiful as it was, has grown slightly paler. Her hair has also darkened into a brownish gold. As she opens her eyes, she stares openly at his. Her eyes have turned a crimson red, the color of the richest wine. As he opens his mouth to explain, she covers it with her own. She holds him in her hands, and kisses him deeply. After this, she speaks:

"My darling, you have no explaining to do. I have known you were a vampire for some time now, and that is why I agreed to sleep with you. I knew this would happen, that I would lose all ties to mortal life, and become a vampire as well, but that was my purpose. I always thought I wanted to spend the rest of my days with you, but I came to the conclusion that this wasn't enough." As he slowly puts her down, she stands up beside him. "Now that I am no longer mortal, my dream can come true." He, still locked in her gaze, replies: "And what is your dream?"

"To be with you, until the end of time, my love." They embrace each other, holding strong not letting go. As they hold each other, the darkness envelops them, and they vanish, together.

Testing how an image with this dimensions would show up here... Posted by Hello

This is my current wallpaper... Pretty neat, eh? Posted by Hello

This is a pic of a Night Elf on his mount, from World of Warcraft. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oh, yeah. Just remembered

Hey. I finally decided what this blog will be about.

This blog will be a day-to-day recounting of the stuff i go through, day in, day out. Sounds like fun, and I always wanted to keep a diary. Except that this one, everyone can read. Hmm. Sorta goes against the classic dairy picture, but, oh well.

That's that.

Heya people! Long time...

I haven't posted in a bit. It's been a busy day. Had to wake up early (yeah, 2pm is early for me, so can it!) to do some stuff with my girlfriend. Went for a movie (Alone in the Dark, 5/10 if you ask me...), dinner, even some arcade gaming over at the local Wonderpark. After that, rented some movies, watched one, then, I am now home, getting ready to play World of Warcraft. Also, that Fullmetal Alchemist game for the PS2 is nice.

Seeya later!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

It's Amazing...(Cont

Can feel so alone. The fact that my girlfriend is here sort of proves there's something wrong.


Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless Customer

It's Amazing...

I'm here at the movies, with my girlfriend and her best friend. It's always funny how in such a crowded place you


Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless Customer

Now this is strange...

Now this is peculiar. Seems i'm falling for someone. And, just in case, I have a relationship of 3 years with a girl i adore with all my heart. Yet it seems i'm liking someone else. It just took someone else telling me for me to notice. He said, and I quote "I'd be surprised if she didn't know by now... You're almost boring a hole into her with your so much looking at her."

Hmm, must further assess the situation.

Finally! It's over!

And that marks the end of quiz hours! Now, i'm late for my report (as usual), so i'll go do that now. Yes.

Crappy work report....

Oh, and on other news! Right now my day looks like this:

Wake-up call at 5:00
Wake up at 5:30
Start class at 7:30
Leave college at 15:00
Enter work at 15:30
Leave work at 20:30
Get my girlfriend at work at 21:00
Leave my girlfriend at her house at 22:30
Get home at 23:00
Play World of Warcraft until 1:00
Sleep until 5:00

After my Boss' proposition, my day will look like this:

Go in work at 0:00
Leave work at 6:00
start class at 7:30
leave college at 15:00
go home sleep at 16:00
wake at 22:00
Go work at 0:00

Sounds crappy, eh? I know. It does. And I still don't know where does this schedule leave my girlfriend... The carrot he's dangling in front of me is that this way, i'll work more hours, and i'll have a higher chance of making my job permanent. Watch that chance there... Not certainty, chance. Hmm.

Much thinking has to be done.

I don't know who she is, but sounds like fun!

You scored as Gaz. You are the video game, piggy loving Gaz. You wish your idiot sibling would shut up so you can get on with life.



Professor Membrane






The Allmighty Tallest


Ms. Bitters




Which Invader Zim Charecter are You?
created with

I'd prefer sorcerer, thank you...

You scored as Barbarian. From the frozen wastes to the north and the hellish jungles of the south come brave, even reckless, warriors. Civilized people call them barbarians or berserkers and suspect them of mayhem, impiety, and atrocities. These \"barbarians,\" however, have proven their mettle and their value to those who would be their allies. To enemies who underestimated them, they have proven their cunning, resourcefulness, persistence, and mercilessness.























What DnD Class Are You?
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What the...

You scored as Piece of Pizza. You are a Piece of Pizza!

Piece of Pizza








Coca Cola


What random item are you?
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Yes! Just who i'd like to be!

You scored as Shikamaru. You’re Shikamaru, the lazy genius.
You often wonder how can life be so troublesome – you like to take it easy. You’re one of the laziest people around, and it’s really hard to believe you’re a genius with a high IQ and logic that never fails... That’s one big surprise when you show them what you can do!



Rock Lee


















Which Naruto ninja are you most like?
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Thank you, thank you, I know.. ^_^

You scored as Spirit. This shows that Spirit is the predominating force in your life. You are probably one of the most balanced individuals, fairly close to enlightenment. Go be a yogi or something!











Which of the Five Elements are you?
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Hmm... maybe not literally...

You scored as A Too Sporty Faerie. Your super active and love getting people around you fired up too. Your generally an upbeat person who loves their sport! Your great to hang out with and can always think of something fun to do, but sometimes you may need to chill out for a little bit, which is okay because you can sit back and watch all the change you've made.

See All Results/Comment

A Too Sporty Faerie


A Too Kinky Faerie


A Too Sweet Faerie


A Too Depressed Faerie


A Too Astral Faerie


A Too Silly Faerie


A Too Evil Faerie


A Too Lazy Faerie


A Too Serious Faerie


Which Dysfunctional Faerie are You?
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Well, what do you know?

You scored as Otaku? Cool!. Ah! You love sinking your teeth into good anime! You have found the balance between Anime insanity and being fairly normal. You probably religiously watch NGE or Fruits Basket, or one of the "grown up" series. And you insist that not ALL cartoons are for kids. You probably also own at least four volumes of Manga. And you SO can tell the difference between a Gundam and a Mecha.

Otaku? Cool!




Secretly An Anime Freak!


Anime Hater... BOO! HISS!


Completely Clueless


Are you an Anime-niac?
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Bleh. Don't like this result...

You scored as Mellow Yellow. You're Mellow Yellow.
You're smack in the middle.
You're pretty even tempered.
You stick up for youself when needed.
People hang with you often.

Mellow Yellow


Cool Blue


Raging Red


Aggressive Orange


Angel Pink


What's your Temper Level?
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Wow. As much as I like playing them, I didn't think i'd be one...

You scored as True Neutral. A True Neutral person has two faces- either these people are merely apathetic, preferring to focus their minds on more important things, or these people truly believe in a balance of all things. To these people, there can be no light without some darkness. These people also have no dedication to, or intrinsic distrust of, laws.

True Neutral


Chaotic Good


Neutral Good


Lawful Good


Neutral Evil


Lawful Evil


Chaotic Neutral


Chaotic Evil


Lawful Neutral


What is your Alignment?
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Ha! Got that right!

You scored as Age 13-19 years. Yeah, you're cool! Live life like you'll be 18 forever! WHOOP!

Age 13-19 years




Age 0-12 years


Age 36-70 years


Age 71+ years


How old is your SOUL?
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You know, these are pretty good...

You scored as Middle Class. You're content in your position and would prefer a house or a family than a seven figure pay cheque. But you have your moments of weakness when you buy a lottery ticket in the hope of knowing how the rich and famous live.

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Middle Class




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Lower Class


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On we go...

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Very nice, good to know...

You scored as Verbal/Linguistic. You have highly developed auditory skills, enjoy reading and writing and telling stories, and are good at getting your point across. You learn best by saying and hearing words. People like you include poets, authors, speakers, attorneys, politicians, lecturers and teachers.















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
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Antisocial Personality Disorder


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Borderline Personality Disorder




Eating Disorders


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Just in case you're wondering...

Yes, i'm bored at work.

Very accurate

You scored as Sloth.















Seven deadly sins
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Completely Accurate!!!

You scored as Loner.







Drama nerd






Ghetto gangsta




What's Your High School Stereotype?
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Hmm... Pretty accurate, I must say...

Your Dominant Intelligence is Intrapersonal Intelligence

Reflective and thoughtful, you enjoy spending time alone.
You are good at analyzing yourself - and knowing your true feelings.
Totally self aware, you are in tune with your dreams and desires.
A spiritual and philopsophical person, your inner calmness inspires and helps others.

You would make a great philosopher, researcher, or theorist.

Interesting things are afoot...

Hmm, what started off as a slow day at first got interesting later on, and mostly becasue of 2 people.

Wake up with me hallucinating i'm in a war, telling my mom at what times are my morning classes. This discrepancy is exactly what wakes me up, with mom asking me at what time are my college classes. BTW, that's what happens if I don't get enough sleep, for which you can blame Naomi over there, looking so cute and pretty...

Anyways, go to college, first professor doesn't show, completely making the effort i spent into waking up early to go to college moot. Second professor does show, though, but i'm so sleepy i fall asleep in class, thus becoming the joke of the day. After that, last professor said she wouldn't show, so we leave early. I convert a fellow college friend of mine from FFXI to World of Warcraft, get him to buy the game, and to pay my food at Panda Express. I know, Charisma's on 4 dots and going up... (Storytelling System reference, nevermind...)

In any case, i stop my foolishness and go to work. Get to work, log on to the systems, and say hi to everyone. Then, right there, I realized that suddenly i feel much more comfortable here at work, and i've identified the cause. I've found 2 co-workers with similar interests, or at the very least tolerant of my interests. SO now i have someone to talk to on cool things, not like the rest of the old people here. The 2 or 3 hours i'm here and they are, it's actually fun to be here. Very cool.

But don't worry. Give me 2 hours after they leave, and i'll be back here, writing the boredom away. Like now.

Also, thinking of starting another char on WoW, a Night Elf Hunter, on an RP server. Sounds nice on theory, except that I hear that the people playing on RP servers don't really RP all that well, so we'll see how it turns out.

Ashtear out(to keep reading Megatokyo, ^_^).


Testing if i can post from my cellphone. If it works, sweet!


Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless Customer

Here we go again...

Yet again i go sleep late... This is gonna be the end of me... sleeping 3 hours a day for a week now can't be good for my health. But oh well, all to please my little Naomi-chan!! And by the way, that's my laptop.

Halfway to level 50 now on WoW... As soon as I hit 50, I'm gonna go kill at least 10 horde members. I feel powerful!! ^_^

In any case, gonna go sleep. Seeya.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ho Hum...

Well, here I am, bored at work. I'll start the silly report in a bit. Megatokyo is very cool! Must read all of it. Also, I forgot. I talked about World of Warcraft yesterday, i think it was, and I didn't talk about my character!

Guildmaster of Guild Hinoarashi
Human Priest
Level 49
Shadow Specialized (Doesn't mean i can't heal!)

Anyways, that's my char. I'll try and get some pics here, as much to show her as to check out how the hell do i place pics here.

Ash out.


Posting again... Playing World of Warcraft while waiting for class at 12:30pm.

I wonder if anyone else reads this...

Good Morning!

Hello.Just woke up for college, but had to stop here to get some things on WoW. I had the idea with Megami, a fellow guild member on WoW, to set the blog here as Clan Hinoarashi HQ for the time being. So I shall. For the time being. Until i can get something better. Which is why I applied for Google Ads, see what happens. If you guys click on them enough, we might get something better than this blog! In any case, you people can leave comments and stuff here, if you like/dislike the idea, or anthing else . I'll read the comments, I have more than enough time at work.

Anyways, I hafta go to college. Take care everyone!

Off to sleep...

Oh well. Again i stay up too late. But World of Warcraft is just too damn addictive!!! I was supposed to go to sleep at midnight or so, so i can wake up at 5am, and go to college. Check the time of this post and you tell me if i'll wake up dandy in the morning. But it was worth it!! I'm now level 49!! BWAHAHAHAH!!!!

Ok, off to bed. ^_^

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Hey, by the way, read Megatokyo. Very nice, and pretty much one of my favorite strips, far after Girly.


Damn, got me like 30 minutes to check out all the settings on Blogger, so i can set this a bit more to my liking. Oh well.

I decided that, since this is a new blog, i should introduce myself, as much as to show you who i am as to have an excuse to post on it. My Name is Juan R. Marquez, I'm a Computer Sciences student at the Univerity of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, although that's not where i'm studying right now. Because of an extremely unauspicious alignment of the planets, i lost my job at some point, and so am now studying in the Technological Institute of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. Now i'm studying Information Systems.

Nah, i can't type too much for too long in a row... I'm at work, you see, and the innate boredom that suffuses this place prevents me from focusing my thought on just one thing.

Oooh, pretty... *trails off*

It starts...

Well, and so it starts. This is a little blog i'll set up to occupy my off time at work, or wherever i may be with my laptop and an internet connection. So, don't expect anything. That way, you won't be dissapointed.

In the meantime, check out this comic. Very nice, and i must admit it was emotional, even, at some point.