Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interesting developments...

Well, today was an interesting day. She woke me up, sleepy herself, and hung up with a "Te amo". then I went to the meeting point and waited for her. We got to college, and we talked.

We talked about some things I wasn't supposed to know, but did, and how she didn't hide them when faced by them. The one question I wanted to ask her I didn't dare, though.

After that we went to english class, where she let me be as close as I wanted, so I rested my face against her arm. It was nice. Then I stood up in class and spoke of a piece of memory I wrote long ago which still seems to fit.

After class neither of us wanted to deal with el calvo mamao, so we left college. We took a tour of some houses she needed to count, and then went to borders.

There I pushed my point as hard as I could, and I still don't know why she allowed it, but she did. Maybe I convinced her. Now I know that not so much. Still, she agreed to trust me and try this. Now I'm in the game.

Just still at the bottom.

We ran into some of her coworkers at Taco Bell, and she allowed me to tag along. She said she wanted me to stay, so I did. That made me feel great. I thought I was getting somewhere.

I dreamed and thought and texted her during work, and bled happiness through my pores! Then went to her house at lunch, and finished her Exalted character. Then I had to go.

We spoke some more, and though I get thursday afternoons, her friends get her at midnight. It feels like Cinderella, except the actual fun starts at midnight, when I get summarily kicked out.

Still, I get to be with her, so I feel awesome during the day. I have some plans for tomorrow that should be interesting, I hope. hope she doesn't find me dull and boring.

Which brings another point. I'm gonna try to spice things up for myself... and for her, for my world still spins around her. I'll see what I can come up with.

I feel like we agreed to be "Friends". Now actual courtship starts, ~laughs~. I don't know, though. I think she regrets it. She pulled back solidly when I left for work, and said I was pushing, which I guess I was. I hope time can smooth things out.

Still, I love her with all my heart, and I won't let her down.

Hopefully, time will ease things...

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