Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, today's been awesome! Picked her up, went to college, talked, smiled, cuddled while we watched "Elsa and Fred" in spanish class. Then she left for her other class.

Then I was alone, and had a very dark moment with myself. But I remembered some of the things I had to learn, particularly trust and humility, and let go of the temptation. AWAY I TELL YOU!

Anyways, then she was out of class, and I took her for lunch (BK, ugh) and dessert (Los Chinitos ice cream, yay!). Then we went to the beach.

I took her to a corner of the northern beach, called PiƱones. From there I took her through a little forest of beach plants, to a corner that I hadn't taken anyone to in over 4 years or so.

A clear spot of beach, surrounded by rocky cliffs that in high tide fill with water from the crashing waves, making a million tiny pools of reflected light, all of them skittering with life.  Unfortunately, it was low tide, so no pools. Plus, the strip of private beach was taken by two dudes.

My plans unraveling! What to do? Well, we did a little rock climbing, and took her to another piece of beach that I hadn't discovered before. Sheer cliff on one side, rocky climb on the other, pretty steep, and two giant rocks in the middle, one on the sand near the cliff and another in the water very close to the waterline.

We climbed into it, soft golden sand splashing out as I did the final jump. Swallowed my feet almost halfway to the knees! Then I helped her down, and we surveyed our discovery.

The corner with the cliff and the rock made a humongous spot of shade at that time (3pm or so), so we decided to sit and cuddle, listening to the waves. We weren't gonna get in the water because she had a work meeting at 4, and the climbing and drive would take about 45 minutes.

But then, as we sat, she kissed me, and we kissed, deeply, for a few minutes while our bodies struggled to remember our positions, her sitting on my lap. Then I leaned back, cradling her in my arms.

We talked about ourselves, possible futures, or lack thereof. I was getting sad fast, because she had mentioned in college that she didn't feel the same explosion she used to feel when we kissed. We were both afraid of that...

Well, things happened, and we ended up skinny dipping to wash ourselves... ^_^

Then we got dressed, and quickly began to get back. By the time we were finished, it was still 4, and we were still in the beach! We got back to the car, and sped to her meeting, only stopping to buy 4 water bottles. PR sun at it's worst!

We got there, and I get the impression that her friends made fun of us, wondering where we were. We arrived at 5! She reported, saying we blew a tire, and that's what took so long. ^_^

Then we went to her grandma's house, to get her new phone, and then back to her house, where I took a shower and am now here, in the floor, on a sleeping bag, with her laying by my side, barely awake. Tonight we're going out with her friends.

I hope everything turns out ok...

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